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PS3 and the Cell Processor


Registered Member
So who's got a PS3? I chose to sit out the first round price war, but I may cave in soon.

I've heard a lot of great stuff about the power of the Cell Processor, but it's a completely new architecture, so there isn't much software (other than PS3 stuff) out for it.

Anybody got one already and found any neat hacks out there? I am guessing we'll probably see Cell Processor PCs in the fairly near future, but there has to be some software support for that to happen...



Sssssuper Platinum ******
Not unless my PS2 dies on me. Right now I buy PS1 games (they are so dirt cheap) and play to my hearts content. When I see any PS2 games I jump right at it. When the PS2 dies, I upgrade to the PS3 and buy the PS2 games.

I've got a PSP which I got around Christmas (and upgraded the firmware :( ) so later I'll have the ability to port my PS1 games onto it when I have the PS3


Registered Member
I understand not liking to pay tons of money for new games. But that seems like the wrong reason to upgrade. ;)

PS2 games are cheap now! Go to Game Stop, and you can find a ton of games that will blow away any of the PS1 games for less than $10 each.

I am still contemplating the PS3. The technology is so cool! (But the games are really really expensive).