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Game Cube PS2 owning latecomers


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Does it annoy anyone else here how the PS2 owners are talking as if RE4 belongs to them? And how they say things like "You may have crappy gamecube controller to play it on, but we get official custom chainsaw controller!". We got the chainsaw controller too, and why don't they advertise the gamecube version in catalogues for the shops!?! Plus we get the special edition... I just hate how the Sony fans brag about summat that we took for granted *grumble mumble*


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That's how it is all the time when another system finally gets a game that used to be exclusive. Sometimes it's actually better on the new system. Other times it's not.


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In this case, it is not better (I am comparing it to the Gamecubes special edition though). It looks a little better on the cube and controls a little better. I would be fine with spreading the love of RE4, as the more people that enjoy it the better if I actually cared, but they should show some respect, it was made with the cube in mind, without the cube it wouldn't be the same RE4 that we know and love (or summat as bullshit as that)


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If their arguement is over the chainsaw controller than they are wrong there is one for gamecube that was release a couple months after the game itself. Resident Evil 4 belongs to Gamecube its a fact theres few ports that look better on the PS2 compared to a gamecube. Hands down the gamecube version is still the one to own.


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One of the major problems is the fact that right at the moment... commercials make it seem like its only for PS2... I have never seen so many commercials for the game until now! If they bothered to promote it this much when it was a gamecube exclusive, it probably would have sold alot better.

Personally Im not into RE titles... not my style of game, but I think the GC version looks alot better than the PS2 one.
What does the Gamecube's special edition RE4 have that the new one doesn't? I got this game on GC when it first came out and loved it, but honestly, I think the PS2 version is superior. The only thing the GC version seems to have over it is graphics, control, and load times. But those are just relatively small gripes.
It does anger me that this game is getting so much advertising and all now that it is on the PS2, though. The GC version would have sold much better had Capcom not announced, a month or two before the game's release, that they'd be porting it to the PS2.


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The special edition has, umm, actually I don't know. I don't know what the normal edition has, so I can't say what the difference is : S


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the only thing that was wrong with re4 was that when u played it u could beat almost all of the bosses with one shot from the rocket launcher...which i found rele homo.

load times, grapics and controls arent just small things....thats prolly the most annoying things when ur in the middle of a game...u sit there and u wanna keep playing but the loading screen is just there forever.....and then ur fighting and ur controller messes up and u die..wooppsss another load screen

The differences in load times is minimal, I'm sure. I really doubt that the PS2 load times take that much longer than the GC's, so it's bearable I'm certain.

dutch567 said:
and then ur fighting and ur controller messes up and u die..wooppsss another load screen
The controller doesn't mess up, it's the person playing. When I said controls, I meant the layout of the buttons and how the controls would differ slightly to fit the PS2 controller. I expect the actual gameplay controls to remain the same.


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Re: Lol Did U See What Rossdude [email protected]@

I thought the controls were tight, spot on in fact. Leon was sort of cute too.

Try to avoid the triple posts, dutch : )
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