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Alright, there's was a lot of hype before the season started about Pryor. He's a very mobile quarterback, and from what I've seen he's still needs to improve a lot of parts of his game. But he's just a freshman, so he has a lot of time.

What are your thoughts on him, and do you believe he's going to have a good NFL career? Or is it to early to tell?


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He's a freak athlete and has a ton of potential. He definitely has a lot of work to do on his passing, but he did lead the Big Ten in passing efficiency, and considering he's only a true freshman he will get a lot better. He's ahead of Michael Vick and Vince Young at this point in their careers.

Way too early to make predictions about the NFL. He's talented enough to be a star at QB, or even at another position. He caught a touchdown pass and a 2 point conversion (which was called back) with ease against Texas. He's 6'6" and lightning fast and could be a great receiver.
If he doesn't improve his passing skills, I can easily see him being converted to a WR in the NFL.

As a true freshman, he didn't do bad this year. It seemed pretty obvious to me that the coaching staff didn't trust his passing skills that much. Up until the Penn State game, the most passes he had thrown in a game was 16. During the Penn State game, he threw 25 passes, and after that he never passed 14 passes a game.

If the coaching staff shows a bit more confidence in Pryors ability to lead the team (which he will have to, considering the large number of team leaders leaving for the draft), then he has the potential to really stand out.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
If he improves his passing over the course of his career the way Troy Smith did, then he's going to be a hell of a quarterback.


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Troy Smith is a hell of a Quarterback. He could be a starter on a few teams in the NFL in my opinion. I was kind of upset when the Ravens went and drafted Flacco because I seen a lot of potential in Smith, but I guess they made a good decision too.

Seeing Pryor play in high school, you could tell he would make an immediate impact in college. It's just sad to see that they didn't utilize him a lot in the USC game. Him running was kind of something it didn't seem like USC could stop.

In High School he played defensive as well picking up 8 Sacks and 4 Interceptions his senior year. Everyone our senior year seen him as a great player and would've loved to play against him, even though it would be hard to stop him, it would've been nice to see two great Quarterbacks playing against each other on both sides of the ball.