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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Bananas, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Bananas

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    This is a bit of a sore topic in the UK atm. Here is the background;

    An Islamic group called Islam4UK are proposing a parade through the town of Wooten Basset to commemorate the Muslims killed in the conflict in Afghanistan. They propose to carry 500 empty coffins along the main street.

    Now most would agree that there is not much wrong with this, if people want to exercise their freedom of speech they are welcome to, its one of the reasons the UK are in Afghanistan.

    The thing that is different in this scenario is the location. Wooten Basset has become well known in the past couple of years as it is on the route between RAF Lyneham (where dead British soldiers are repatriated) and the coroners office (where they go before finally being passed to the families).

    As the hearses pass through the town informal public homage/tribute is paid to the retuning fallen servicemen and women. It is not altogether official, most of the crowd are the British Legion represented by active servicemen and veterans.

    As you can imagine some people are a little upset about the Islam4UK parade as they see it as not so much a memorial but as a political protest actively provoking and condemning the soldiers who have died. They argue that the crowds that usually line the streets to honour the soldiers are out of respectful patriotism and have no political interest in the circumstance that surround their deaths.

    Should Islam4UK be allowed to march in WB? Do people have genuine reason to object? Perhaps they should they be told to march some where else? ...or does it not make any difference?


  2. Merc

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    I think if they were smart, they'd march elsewhere. However, I wonder if anyone has given any thought to the possibility that perhaps they're doing it not out of a need to provoke UK patriots, but to suggest their fallen people should be treated equally? Either way, I can't see this going good. All I'm going to say is they better be ready to get harassed.
  3. Nevyrmoore

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    Wait, are they parading for the soldiers that the US and such have been fighting? If so, I can see a large problem here, in that it would be like having a memorial parade for English troops in the US during the War of Independence...
  4. Merc

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    I was thinking that, too. If they're having a parade for the enemy, I'd say they're welcoming attacks.
  5. Bananas

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    I think the parade is aimed for all "innocent" Muslims who have died, so i guess that is for neither friend or foe.

    ....although judging by Islam4UK's background their motives are more in defiance to the conflict. Im trying to find a relatively neutral source of the group but that is seemingly difficult.... heres Al jazeeras take on the story link ....and for the purpose of balance here is The Suns version .... link

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