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Proud to be part of this board!


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I just wanted to say that I have never encountered such a wonderful bunch of people as I have at this board. Kind, considerate, caring and genuinely look to help each other out.

Many thanks to Andrew for the genius is implementing this board so we have a place to go to discuss and make some new friends.


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Staff member
Thanks a lot wolvergambit. I am glad I made it too seeing how it has become a great place for people to hang out and make friends. :)

Don't forget about Darth Tater, Nightsurfer, Gnopostopi, and Mr Snipes as well! Especially Tater and NS. They put a lot of time into keeping this place fun as well. :D


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Thanks Andrew

At first, I thought this Crazy Idea would just be a fun place to to hang out and talk about the strange and weird happanings of ebay and other auction sites. I thought we would get alot of members on a couple months time, but this is just place has just EXPLODED. Ive had alot of fun here, I hope to keep this site a FUN place to visit.

A few of us have put alot of time into this, hopefully everyone can enjoy this site as most of us have.