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Discuss Protecting your Home


aka ginger warlock
I was watching the film "The Strangers" on Saturday night. For those of you who have never heard of it, it is based on a real life story of people going up to random homes, knocking on doors and if no-one was home breaking in. The film is a little different and I won't say anymore incase anyone intends to watch it but this brings me onto my question.

Where does the line of protecting your home became a line that is crossed? One film that I remember watching growing up is the John Hughes classic Home Alone, if you have not seen it, it is about an 8 year old boy who is left by his parents when they go on a family trip, he of course has fun as you would, staying up late, eating ice cream, ordering pizza but then a group of criminals show up and attempt to break into the family home, even more humor insures as door knobs are made so hot when one of the men touches it he gets third degree burns on his hand, another stands on a six inch nail and with any luck he had a tetanus shot recently. This is of course all very VERY funny and a similar scenario happens in the second film.

Now in reality the majority of the things that were done would have at the very least given them painful injuries to others that could potentially kill someone but hey, its his home so why not? He has the right to do these things and hey, its all done with whacky noises so its all good. Or is it?

Where is the line drawn? Where for your is it drawn? Where does the law stand in your respective country? If someone broke into your home and you hurt them would you actually get in trouble with the police over it?


Where is my Queen?
I personally don't own a gun but my dad does, and if somebody breaks into my house I will shoot them in the face if I feel threatened for my life or my families life. But if it was just a guy carrying a knife or nothing at all, I would shoot him in the legs, and then shoot his kneecaps so he couldn't escape and wait for the police to show up. In Texas, if somebody breaks in to your house, you have the right to kill under self defense.


Free Spirit
Staff member
If someone breaks into my home I will do what I have to in order to protect myself. I'm not going to take the time to ask them are they here for my TV or my life. You should have the right to protect yourself from a home invader and you shouldn't be arrested for it. Don't think they would where I live.

In the state that I live in they have passed a law that if someone gets hurt while trespassing they can't sue you and its held up in court. If the state you live in doesn't have a law like that and you hurt someone, even if they were breaking in and providing you don't kill them, they can sue you from prison and win.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Where is the line drawn? Where for your is it drawn? Where does the law stand in your respective country? If someone broke into your home and you hurt them would you actually get in trouble with the police over it?
Be it home or elsewhere, vengeance sort of acts aren't authorised. It means if someone does something to you, it's not up to you to punish the person. Have to submit the situation to authorities/law.

However, legitimate defense is recognised by the law. You can defend yourself and use force without getting in trouble. For it to be legitimate, the violence has to be necessary, no other alternative (not enough time to inform the police, for example), and should be proportionate to the attack (and usually used immediately, not after aggressor has gone away).

Personally, if someone broke into my home I would either call the police and find something I can hit the person with (in case I was attacked). If they just needed to get material stuff, I don't think I would be risking my life to be heroic.


Hell, It's about time!
If you enter my home unannounced and unwelcome you are going to end up with a severe case of lead poisoning quick. I will asses the situation first to determine your intentions, if it's some one requiring help I'll be cautious but not approach to closely. On the other hand if you kick the door weapon in hand and your face is covered you'll be getting some 9mm's two in the chest and one in the head until the threat is naturalized. The safety of those in my house hold come first.

The laws of Pennsylvania would be on my side. By law I can assume anyone entering my abode forcefully is there to do harm and I may use anything up to lethal force to end the threat. In short I can open fire on the perp neutralizing the threat, and in most cases that means game over for the perp.

Man Opens Fire On Would-Be Home Invaders - Pittsburgh News Story - WTAE Pittsburgh

This was made before the law past. It was passed and is now law.
Now is The Time To Protect Law-Abiding Citizens - YouTube
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i think it would all depend on what the person had and what their body size was compared to yours. If they have a deadly weapon you should be able to use like force in return, but you should frist try to get them out without confrontation. if they can't break though the door of a certian room and they don't have something that can reach though walls go to the room and grab a weapon if they get though you should use force, they followed you if they were after material goods they would of left you alone. in any scenerio you should call the police
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Where I'm from in Maine, most people have guns, as hunting is a huge sport up here. Yet the overall crime rate in Maine is about as low as it gets in America.

If a homeowner shoots an intruder in the back, the police in Maine don't like that. They'd rather have you shoot the robber if he's coming towards you, not running away.

To me, if someone tries to break into your home, you don't know if the intruder is going to kill you or not. So I say their's nothing wrong with using a firearm to defend yourself.

After all, if someone doesn't want to get shot, then they can choose not to break into anyone's home. So they get no sympathy out of me if they get killed or maimed while committing these types of crimes.


I don't own a gun, neither does anyone else I know since it's illegal here. My house is protecting my an alarm system that goes through the entire house. As for what would happen if someone broke in while one of us was home then I dunno, it's never happened to me or anyone I know. I have weapons, fake ones, but they could still do some damage if bashed over someones head. I would try not to resort to violence right away though. I'd probably try call the police first.


Son of Liberty
Like Pro if someone enters my home illegally they are going to be staring down the barrel of a .40. I take the protection of myself, my loved ones, and my property very seriously and is a responsibility I happily assume.


Problematic Shitlord
I think people have the right to protect their homes but I believe they should also be punished to the full extent of the law if they show a complete lack of rationality in doing so. To give an obvious example, if you point a gun at a gun crawling through your window and he backs out and starts to run, shooting him should get you thrown in prison with him. If you have someone incapacitated, then there is nothing else you should legally do until officials arrive.

Simply put, I just think people need to exercise a calm mind when defending themselves and I don't think most Americans can do that.