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Protecting your Collections


Creeping On You
The old thread for this is over a year and a half old and already closed, but I wanted to share my thoughts.

For me, I have collections of things that I didn't really collect per say, but accumulated. So things like my tools, my song lyrics, and pictures I have recorded. Also music collections on my harddrives. For my tools, all I do is keep track of what I own. I know when I'm missing something. I keep them all together in a couple tool boxes, and I always put everything back after I use them.

As far as my pictures, writings and music, I have second copies of all of them. For pictures, I have them all uploaded on facebook, and I have them uploaded on my photobucket and my google account. I'm sure in each location though there are some that I don't have anywhere else. However I take so many pictures, losing some won't hurt too much.

As for my songs, I have em all memorized so even if I lost the backups as well, I wouldn't totally be at a loss. I'd be able to recreate some from memory. Otherwise, I guess i'd just have to have fun recreating them.

How about yourselves? How do you go about ensuring your collections are safe? What do you do to keep them together? What kinds of collections do you manage?


Free Spirit
Staff member
Most of my collections involve antiques or stuff considered a collectable. I have slowed down on it though plus sold a lot of it because of no place to put it. I've gotten where if I have to keep it packed up and never see it what is the point of having it. The stuff I have left is on a shelf in the kitchen or I use it.

I think that carnival glass is pretty so I have it displayed on my bar. I also have a ruby red vase that I will use when I have flowers. I let my horses drink out of the old coke machine but never let them have a look at the horse drawn plow, they might think I want them to work.

Now I have a few poems and short stories I should burn to dvd. Not saying their all that but I did write them. It wouldn't upset me too much if I did lose them. A lot of the pictures we have taken we did burn to dvd. Some should of been deleted but some I would hate to lose.


Sally Twit
I suppose you could say I collect gifts given to me. I don't like to throw anything away because it's nice to know I was thought of. I tend to keep things in storage boxes - out of direct sunlight, dark, etc. Sometimes I will sit and go through my collections because it's nice to see what memories will come flooding back.