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    I was always brought up to think that prostitution was a bad thing and that only dirty desperate people even consider it. After various relationships and a good deal of global travel, Im not so sure.

    Here is my reasoning
    It seems to be a great way to build up confidence with members of the opposite sex.
    A good mate of mine was on a 2 year worldwide trip with his long term GF and he walked into his hotel room one day only to find his GF in bed with a Kiwi fellow. After weeks of depression he barely left his room we effectively forced him into going out with us. Problem was his confidence was so low he was getting rejected left right and centre making the situation worse. One day we went for a weekend in Amsterdam and after only 10 minutes he was into the most attractive, katty perry look alike hooker, he shortly followed it up with anoth girl with a striking resemblance to jessica alba. We all came back to london cheering and stoked and before you know it his confidence had returned and he was back in the dating scene where he has met and continues to stay with a very nice lass.

    It brings me to this building your up confidence with a prostitute.. Seems like fake confidence.. however how can you define real and fake confidence. I would liken it in some cases to seeing a psychologist where you can unload all your fantasies as oppposed to your problems and walk away feeling much better.

    My friends and I were also debating on whether we would buy any son we may have in the future a hooker. At first the suggestion seemed ludacris however on closer scrutiny in the long term his confidence may benefit especially if he was unaware of the stunning woman that approached him at the bar in Vegas for a night out partying was actually all arranged for his say 21st birthday. Debate :smokin:

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    Welcome to the site...interesting first thread!

    If you want to get a prostitute to build YOUR self-confidence than I guess that's okay. Personally, I don't see the point in it and I would never even consider "purchasing" one. It's really dirty and I guess I view sex differently than you as well. I'll find other things to keep my confidence up. It doesn't have to be something sexual.
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    Welcome, squid!

    It's interesting to think of prostitution as a confidence-builder, but I kind of tune in to what you said about it being a "fake confidence."

    I think that real world confidence is more important, and should be gained through living one's life, encountering women, actually having sex with someone that cares about you, etc. If a "stunning woman" is going to care about someone, it's going to be because she has sparks with the person and his personality. Not because of a confidence essentially built upon something that isn't real.

    And prostitution, while some may think of it as empowering at times, really exploits women and can make them the target of dangerous fantasies/crimes.
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    I'm with the gents on this one....I view prostitution as dirty, and I think it's degrading to women.
    Most women who are prostitutes have low self esteem and I actually feel sorry for the young gals who do sell their bodies for money.
    I don't think it would be a great idea to buy your future son a hooker, for goodness sakes....give him a gift card or something!
    Not to mention the higher risk of HIV or other STDs....condom usage or no.....a cold sore on a hooker's lip and one kiss can be like a lethal shot for you.
    I say none of this sounds like a good idea..sorry~
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    I talked about this on two other forums and don't feel like typing up my thoughts over again so I'm gonna copy paste.....

    I see no problem with it as long as they aren't stupid about it and it does not go against their morality. I personally would never pay for sex but can see why what they do could be seen as good. I mean sex has health benefits. For men that can't get it any other way they are supporting both a longer life and healthy immune system if they are safe about it. It also releases endorphins which help with depression.

    It's like going to see a special doctor.

    A sex doctor!

    There was a time I was against it but I ask myself why.

    The answer was stupid, "because society tells me it's bad".

    So I took notes on the good and bad. It turned out that it had health benefits and was quite harmless if done safely.

    I mean for one it promotes a longer life.

    You don't have sex you release less endorphins and males don't get the testosterone boost that has a chemical to help the immune system. It's natures way of saying "if you don't do your job (try and reproduce) then I don't need you here."

    Sex is an act of love no matter how you look at it (except rape). It's human contact that causes a "love sensation". It's not being in love but either way love is a beautiful thing.

    You can make love without "being in love". There should be an emotion that goes with it though whenever you commit an act of love period. That isn't a bad thing though and the emotion should be happy. It's not a filthy emotion like some females are forced into feeling thanks to what society has forced people to conform to.

    If you use protection the chances are much lower of getting and STD and in some cases it's obvious if the person has one. You don't "have to sleep with them". If you get that type of job you should get tested frequently just to make sure nothing happened. While it may not be likely if you are safe it could happen. I am sure you would be aware of that when choosing the job.

    Most of the time broken condoms and unwanted pregnancy are due to operator error and stupidity. Take the pill and use a condom, you will never get pregnant. Don't "double up on condoms". It's called friction and they will break. There are plenty of married people and prostitutes that never get an STD or pregnant on accident and use proper protection. Accidents can happen but the chances are very slim if you're smart about it.

    If it wasn't illegal there could be more involved in making it a perfectly safe job but that is not the case. The fact that it is illegal in a sense supports the spread of STD's between the people that are not smart about it. If it were to be legalized there could be more standards. Such as requirements that both the whores and customers have been tested within a certain amount of time.

    A few more points I would like to make after some more research. First of all discriminating against whores because of their choice is no better than racism. They have chosen a job that in almost all of the US except some parts of Nevada is illegal based on religious ideas even though we have "freedom of religion". Due to this they must work in a atmosphere where people are looking down on them because it's considered filthy. The intolerance is damaging and can result in other illegal activities that are harmful such as drugs. Statistically speaking the highest drug use rate for prostitutes is with street prostitutes. Thanks to anti prostitution laws they most likely are working on the street for a pimp that takes most of their money; therefore, the laws are supporting a increase in drug usage, psychological abuse, and an unsafe atmosphere in a drug friendly environment which will create a even larger risk of spreading STD's. Most prostitutes practice safe sex and the statistics for STD's from prostitution are about 3-5%. The highest rate is among teens (30-35%) that don't practice safe sex and are not as careful. It's more likely that you will get an STD from thinking you can "trust someone" than it is by having safe sex.

    Statistically, the majority of house prostitutes feel better about themselves after becoming prostitutes. This is for those that say "only women with low self-esteem and other problems get involved in stuff like that". No, I hate to burst you bubble but I have known some people that did either nude modeling, stripping, and even a couple whores. Most of them (except my sons mom) were happy about themselves and were wonderful, friendly people to be around.

    Making it illegal supports physical and sexual abuse because they cannot report it due to fear. Many of them are raped multiple times, many abused by clients. People know they will not report these things and because of that there is a high rate of physical and sexual abuse that is supported thanks prostitution being illegal.

    Making it illegal does not work in the first place and is ridiculous when it's benefits are better than it's down sides. It forces potentially good people into situations that are emotionally and physically traumatizing when illegal. The damage that people do to their fellow human being by having such strong dislike for prostitution can lead to abuse, and emotional damage. The mass brain washing of people and forcing them to take a narrow minded religious based view causes nothing but pain and suffering for their fellow human being.

    These are people, people that could be happy and live good healthy lives if it was just for a little acceptance. Discriminating against them is in my opinion sick. The proof is in the areas that it's accepted. Most of those prostitutes are happy and living productive lives. They aren't on the streets involved in drugs and spreading STD's like the simple minded majority of America has forced them to do.

    I also would like to add that I was surprised to discover many feminist are against prostitution. Since they want equality I thought they would be for it. Males can be and are prostitutes as well. Also, female prostitutes have rejected that double standard of being trash for sleeping with many men while a man can be great for having multiple partners. So just a little message I want to give to any feminist that think that way. These prostitutes have sex with many people just as many men do. They are more equal sexually than you could ever imagine being. If you want equality don't expect men to conform to your ideas about sex. Suck it up and conform to theirs or stop complaining.

    resource for some of my statistics, (Prostitution should be legal: the statistics prove it ||

    I know some will say it ruins relationships. If people are going to screw around behind their loved ones back not having whores wont change that. The person should not belong in a relationship and it's not the prostitutes fault. The blame is on the idiot sleeping around. They are doing the person a favor if their other finds out by showing them the the true colors of the person they are with. If someone I was dating screwed a whore I would thank the whore for showing me I needed to end the relationship.

    Also, Pimps are a cause of a lot of abuse and getting rid of them would be good. I had a close friend whose cousin was picked up by one when she was 15. They do not always treat the girls well and can be very physically and emotionally abusive. My old friends cousin was trained until she was 18 and constantly moving around. They basically often pick up young girls on the street with no place to go.

    In a legal environment as I talked about earlier there can be safe places for it. There already are some where it's legal. The girls are tested and the men at least have to clean themselves up first. There is always a risk of STD's but it is very small in a controlled environment. I don't know the details on this part but just for the sake of argument they wouldn't have to accept any men. If someone has an apparent STD or looks like they just walked off the streets and were obviously loaded up on drugs they could say no. They can keep some form of etiquette in a area like that.

    Sure, some people may think that's all they can do. Much better to put them in a safer environment than let the roam the streets and be abused. At least then if they want to move away from it they are not damaged like they would have been on the streets. In a harsh environment they are more likely to never recover from being abused or even escape a pimp if they have one and that's not the career they want long term. You can't always just "leave a pimp" because depending on who it is you could find yourself in a body bag.

    In a better and well controlled environment the chances of someone that would not want it long term moving onto something else are much higher. Someone that may have ended up abused, controlled, and on drugs may turn out a wonderful person. I look at it this way because I actually care about people and if they have a chance want whats good for them.

    Get rid of the pimps and make it legal. Then they have nobody to train and the people working want to be there and can walk away.

    Also, By safe environment I don't mean they would walk around at night if that's what you think. Whore houses for lack of a better word is what would be a safe place but it's not a trashy place. It would be like walking into a place that has various rooms and people there that look over everything.

    Like the bunny ranch.

    I don't think I can post a link but feel free to look up their home page.

    Just take a look, check out the FAQ's or whatever. It's a fun friendly environment.

    Obviously the legal age would be would be 18.

    I think at first some would stay with the pimp out of fear maybe or if they are used to it. Doing it off the streets though would be much better. I think even if it were legal they would still have to work in a place of employment. You are offering a service for cash. Is it not required when you have a job that some money be taken out for taxes? That will take out a lot less money than most pimps as well. Maybe I'm wrong but I think it legally would have to work that way because of how things are even now.

    So, they can work for a pimp that takes almost all their money and abuses them or go to a pleasant environment where they can do their job legally. I think those facts alone would clean up what goes on greatly. Even if a few do make the choice to stick with the streets then oh well. You can't help people if they wont help themselves given the chance. Better to help many be removed from that atmosphere than none.

    Even if someone is against the act I would like to think making the world a better and more friendly place is worth it. It may not fit your morals but nobody is forcing you to see one or become one. They are human and believe it or not these very people that some people are being so cold to are sometimes very giving and caring people. Yes I know, for a lot of people it's hard to grasp that but I know. I have been friends with a couple and will admit, some are bad people. That can go for any group. Others are amazing, caring, loving, all around good people. When you see someone you care about abused. Someone that has been there for you and others it's not a happy thing. No good person deserves that and if there is a way to change it I am all for it just to make the world a better place.
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    Sonn, and I mean absolutely no disrepect here...but when I saw you responded, my first thought was......"He's all for it" ~LoL~
    But nice ....ehh...long essay there you wrote :)
    And while I agree sex has health does screwing around with a different Joe every night have benefits??
    If a lady is a prostitute, I would think it would be difficult to fall in love with someone.
    And having a tremendous amount of my opinion anyway.....would mean I loved them and I am totally devoted to that one person and that one person only.
    I know some people view prostitution as a job......but damn, there are better jobs.
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  7. EllyDicious

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    And so? They look for it themselves.
    Of course they are going to be abused and raped because people see them as cheap objects and they feel like they can treat those prostitutes the way they want.
  8. Kibi

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    I hate this idea that prostitution is dirty and desperate!

    I watched a documentary on it once and to be honest if done well (like in amsterdam or other liberal countries) it is purely a more extreme version of escorting. It's clean sex.

    Lets be honest - there are some people who just will not get sex without paying for it. If there are women who feel that this is their favourite choice of making money and as long as they pay taxes then whats the issue...they're kept clean they make it safe....

    The problem, surely, is the trafficing and exploitation...but thats a different thread entirely.

    In answer to the OP - I truly believe its circumstantial.
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    Not sure why you thought I may take that as disrespect. It's no secret that I have a free spirited view on most issues when it comes to consensual sex. :lol:

    I guess it depends on the person for the love thing. One girl I knew that was into it had a boyfriend and things seemed to be fine with them. The girl I was engaged to was also into it but I think that was after we broke up. If she did it at all when we were together she never told me. I think she did do some stripping near the end of our relationship though because I vaguely remember telling her it didn't bother me and if anything I should thank the people giving her their money just to get naked. :lol:

    Anyway, she is getting married next month but I'm not sure if she still does any of that.

    They don't "look for it", people don't become prostitutes with hopes of being beaten or raped. Objectifying someone is not an excuse to beat and rape them. With that logic you could say anyone that a person objectifies and thinks is cheap deserves to be abused and raped.
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  10. EllyDicious

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    I didn't mean to say they look for rape or abuse. But when you become a prostitute, you should take into consideration that people will not think highly of you, that you'll be seen as a sex object and that you could be raped and abused. Because that's how people view prostitutes.

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