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Discussion in 'Hockey' started by andrew_bishop, Feb 3, 2007.

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    We all have our own opinions on the "New" NHL. Whether we are fans of the new game where the young and speedy seem to dominate for the most part of the older NHL where big hits and big rival games seemed to be the main attraction we all have to the agree the NHL should have made a list of the pros and the cons of the older compared to the newer nhl before they went and switched completly. Here are what I take to be the pros and cons of the the new nhl compared to the older one and before I say them I have to say im a strong supporter of the old NHL compared the new NHL but im still a huge fan.

    -More goal scoring
    -Younger stars
    -No more dead locks on rival games
    -New teams become stronger
    -The team with the most money is not guarenteed a playoff spot
    -More star studded goals
    -More for Don Cherry to talk about :clap:

    -Lower fan base
    -Worse schedule
    -Game has slowed down due to penalities
    -Hitting is becoming less and less
    -There is less of a place for the proven Vets
    -Less action
    -Rival teams are fading due to having to play each other 8 times a year in some cases
    -Less fighting

    Whether or not you agree with me is up to you but really I don't see how one can argue against some of my points. The lower fan base being the biggest one. Earlier on CBC they were talking about the St.Louis Blues and how before the lockout they had the 5th highest attendance in the NHL while not they are among the leagues lowest and why because the fans do not want to pay money to go see a game with very little action when they could stay home and see more big hits and fights out on their streets.

    Also the number of goals does not make for an exciting game of hockey. There is no such thing as an exciting edge of your seat 7-2 win for a team where as a 3-1 or 4-3 game is. The teams work hard for the goals and the fans who cheer and cheer finally see a puck slide into the net and they can go crazy while the home team can rally around this and maybe keep the other team out or the other team can go to silence the fans and try and get a goal of their own.

    Fighting the one thing that I think set hockey aside from other sports such as basketball is now almost taken out of the game entirly. Today I saw Ian Laperrier (sp) and Matt Green I think it was in a fight and there were no punches thrown what so ever and the fans still gave a cheer. That was not a fight. Guys like Probert , Domi and Langdon from Newfoundland now they had fights but the NHL went and almost took fighting out of games. You ask how they did that and I say they took out hitting to a degree. Big hits are no longer seen in the NHL because the NHL thinks there is no place for them anymore. The big hits were what caused the fights in the NHL regardless of what anybody says. I mean the big hits start rivalrys and those rival games start the fights thats well documented and I don't think anybody can argue against that.

    The NHL has expanded to too many cities in my view. 30 teams is way to much. I mean some 40-50 years ago we had 6 teams and I don't recall anybody complaining. Those teams were big hockey markets and fans wanted to see the teams play and the NHL was doing great. Then came a few expansion teams and yes the NHL got some more credibility and the teams deserved to be there. They were placed where people were interested in hockey and places where hockey would be a sport of choice. Today we have cities with teams basically because they are big spenders. I herd that Pittsburgh might be moving to Vegas and if they do they can credit themselves on officially selling out the NHL.

    But not everything is bad for the NHL now a days. I mean the youth of the NHL are now here and some of the NHL's top stars. Like last year for example on Carolina Eric Stall and Cam Ward stole the show and led the Canes to the cup. This year we got guys like Crosby and Ovechkin giving the NHL some publicity and for good reason. They are amazing hockey players as are alot of young players and with the players the NHL is more exciting to watch in a sense that you know these players are going to score every couple of games and you have to watch to see when they will score another goal that will go down in the record books like Ovechkin's last season where he slid along the ice. That will never be forgotten.

    Also the Vets might be a little less used but they are still among the NHLs best. Teemu Selanne and Martin Brodeur 5 years ago were a couple of the NHLs top playes and to this day they still are. They have adapted to play the new NHL and play well. Brodeur is without a doubt a standout and having one of the best years of his whole life while Selanne is carring the Ducks franchise into the future. Whether you like it or not those players and among the top the NHL has to offer and despite the NHL has changed they have not they are still the dominate players we have come to expect.

    A few years ago without the salary cap the team with money was the team that won the cup. I mean look at Detroit they had more money then any team in the NHL and they came out on top more than once. Same thing with the Devils and the Avs. Was there anything wrong with this type of game? No I mean if you have any kind of advantage why not take it. There is nothing wrong with it. This year however teams like Nashville,Buffalo and Anaheim teams that never did have a lot of money are among the NHLs top teams and why because they played the cards right and made some big moves. Not because they have a big check book.

    Overall the new and the old NHLs are similar in very few ways but you have to admit that the game of hockey is still here and in some places its bigger than ever. The leagues in Europe are becoming big leagues and they are becoming better and better to watch and nations that years ago never had an NHL are producing more than a couple. Hockey will never die and despite Gary Bettman and his crew might seem like they are out to ruin the game they are doing what they feel is best and if the NHL has survived this long I guess they are doing something right.

  2. As much as I like the new NHL, I have to agree with the old NHL being more .. better. I like the fighting and hitting. I also enjoy the speed of the new NHL but the old NHL will always be better
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    Care to explain that? I don't see anything wrong with Canadians being in the NHL. I mean its our game and we play it best. Thats like saying its bad for Americans to be in the NBA.
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    Haha calm down bro. It was a joke.

    What are you saying that black people can't be Americans?
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    Anyways back to the topic guys. I love the new NHL. The speed and scoring is very exciting to see, because no matter what the score is your team is never out of the game. But after watching all the hitting and intensity in the game between Habs and Pens I was like wow I miss that part from hockey. So there's some good things and bad things from the new NHL. But the new NHL is better for the game, because fans love high scoring game.
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    Haha my bad. I've been told I can't take jokes

    Thats not always true. I mean if you asked 10 people if they like the high scoring games some will tell you that they don't because they liked hockey when there was only a couple goals scored and the goals came few and far between. The Oiler and Avs game the other day ended 3-2 and I think it was one of the best games I've seen in awhile while today I was watching part of a game from last year where the final was 8-5. The games didn't stack up because the second game was just to boring. Goal scoring can be good but keep it to a certain degree like 6 goals or so a game.
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    I think there needs to be a happy medium. I agree that there are too many teams, I mean 16 out of 30 teams make the Playoffs. Also, the big guys aren't able to play like they used to with all the calls. If a guy like Jagr or Forsberg, for example, go down because they were hooked by a smaller guy; they get called for diving. The NHL also needs to eliminate the 1 point for reaching OT or a shootout. If you win you get 2 points and if you lose you get 0 points; regardless of it being in regulation, OT or shootout.
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    A kind of interesting stat about fighting in the NHL:

    Lets take a random season from the 90s: 1996-1997

    Paul Laus led the league in fighting majors with 44, the next best was Brent Severyn with 30. There were a lot of goalie fights this year (in comparison to now) including Roy and Vernon. Five teams ended the year with over 100 fighting majors, the lowest had 58.

    This year the highest fighting major guy has 14. The highest team has 69 (Anaheim) but everyone else has less than 45. Detroit has a miserable 10 fights this year and hasn't fought in over 30 straight games. There have been no goalie fights this year.

    Not saying that fighting = success for hockey, but man is it going down. Huge brawls that people enjoyed in the past where even the goalies would square off isn't too existent anymore in the game.
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    Fighting is a big part of the game. It sets the NHL aside from other sports. Fighting in the NHL is one of the rare places other than UFC or WWE or boxing where you will find regular fights in sports. Well atleast thats the way it used to be and fans used to expect it and they loved it. It made the game funner and more exciting to watch

    I agree. 2 points for a win and thats it. If we give one point were saying oh well you lost but here's a point anyway. Whats the difference between a loss in overtime and one in regulation? Either way you have a L wrote down next to the game. Big markets seemed to dominate the NHL while the smaller ones stayed a float. That's a hoix in my opinion. There are too many teams. Take the game from places where fans don't go to watch the game. They don't appriciate the game enough to have a team.

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