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Discuss Pros And Cons Of Your Job/Work Place


Not sure if this topic has already been started but here goes. . . . . . .

I am in retail and have been for 12+ years now so. . . . . . .

Pros of my job. . . . . . .
1. Money - pays good
2. Provides insurance, like Dental, Medical, Optical and so on. . . . . . .
3. Friendly coworkers

Cons. . . . . . .
1. Customers
2. Payroll cuts
3. Stupid decisions by management
4. Promotions going to people who have way less time then others


rainbow 11!
Pros: my team member discount

everything else

I'm in retail as well. it's hell.


Registered Member
I worked at Albertson's over 13 years ago. There were almost no cons except for one:

I couldn't take tips from any customers.



I make money.
I get to see the cute Spanish girl that comes in every Sunday.


Everything else.


Creeping On You
I'll list the cons first since it's a shorter list.


Having to work everyday. Sometimes I get tired of 5 day work weeks.
During the summer its disgustingly warm, and I spend those months uncomfortable all day long
Its dirty
Hard on my body


I'm in a good position to get good raises
Great boss, and he likes my work
Great co-workers, they don't find me annoying
great benefits, and the company has good options for the future.

Basically the job I'm at now is the best job I've had so far, despite it being dirty and sweaty work.


Sally Twit
Good salary
I have made some friends
It's busy, so my days always fly by

Lazy people
Poor management


Registered Member
Lovely co-workers - we get to have a laugh as well as work
Get to meet lots of interesting people
I get to act like a kid, and make a creative mess (I work with children and their families)

I have to drive 30 miles to get there
Poor management - no leadership skills or inspiration
The scope of the job is changing away from what I am qualified in
Could do with more money.


Registered Member
- Good pay and benefits.
- Overtime pays double, and there's lots of overtime right now.
- Dull moments are rare at best.
- Girls dig the uniform and bulletproof vest.
- My co-workers are mostly effective people.
- The company/admin at least somewhat respects our existence and basic human rights.
- Always a story to bring home.
- 12 hour shifts means 7 days off over every two weeks.
- A full week off, paid, every 7th week once I'm officially on a full time commitment.

- 12 hour shifts are tough by the third consecutive shift.
- I could be stabbed, shot, bludgeoned, burnt to a crisp, exploded, paraplegized, scalded, acid burned, irradiated, infected with the OMEGA Virus, impaled by magnetic flying scissors in MRI, and/or one/many of any number of other unfortunate circumstances I can't think of right now.


Registered Member
I do Internet sales with basically my own little personal business.


1. I can work my own hours.
2. I can end up making more than other people, or less, so the fluctuating pay fits as a con as well.
3. The more I do it the more reputable I become.
4. It isn't a desk job.

1. Sometimes I really have to struggle to make ends meet.
2. Constant opposition from other sellers.
3. Lots of time on the road and traveling, which can be a plus because I like being able to travel and not site at a desk every day.


Pretty much the biggest pros and cons I can think to sum up.


Problematic Shitlord
At my current job:

- Employee Discount
- Smaller company

- Customers
- Higher ups being cheap as hell
- Benefits are basically nothing
- Schedule is EVERYWHERE, not the least bit consistent