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Pros and Cons of Wrestling Companies


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So I had a relatively simple idea that could be a fun running thread for us...here's the concept:

-Start by putting the date at the top of your post, as this could be something fun to read at a later date.

-List the major wrestling companies (if you watch their product), such as WWE, TNA, and ROH.

-Under each company's name, make a list (as detailed as possible) of current Pros and Cons of each company. I'm thinking mainly of storylines, who's being pushed, etc. However, I'm not opposed to including backstage info such as who's employed as writers, who runs a company, how revenue is generated/used, etc.

-Update your list as often as you want, whether it's weekly after shows, monthly after PPVs, etc.

-Discuss. :nod:

But that's that...we'll see how this goes. I look forward to reading everyone's' thoughts.


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Great idea for a thread!! Guess i'll take it one by one. Gonna group ROH/PWG/DGUSA and NJPW/NOAH/Dragon Gate together as they pretty much have the same pros and cons for me.

- Most of the top stars in the industry.
- Huge roster
- Lots of great characters
- Best production values in wrestling
- A wealth of history available. i.e. legendary superstars, classic matches etc.
- Good wellness policy which protects wrestlers

- Poor and inconsistent booking and writing
- Repetitive/boring matches. Partly due to many wrestlers trained in extremely similar styles in FCW, haven't honed and evolved their skills/styles in 'regional' promotions
- Many young talented wrestlers and wrestlers of a certain build not given opportunities
- Terrible live audiences


- Some extremely talented wrestlers on the roster

- Failure to push many younger stars, even when very over with the crowd
- Too much focus on over the hill ex-WWE/WCW alumni.
- Terrible live audiences. Problem only made worse by ridiculous canned heat.
- Awful storylines
- Always trading titles on TV
- Often "screwing fans over" and trying to pull the wool over their eyes.
- Ex-WCW writers making same mistakes they were years ago
- Awful care taken of wrestlers' health/well-being


- Amazing in-ring action
- The most original and fun characters/gimmicks in wrestling
- Great annual tournaments for singles, tag-team or trios.
- Extremely young and talented roster
- Often with guest wrestlers from other indy/puro promotions so a lot of variation
- A lot of humour mixed in with wrestling
- Very energetic live audiences & great fan interaction
- Great storylines.

- Poor accessibility
- Very poor production values
- Very small audiences at some shows
- Essentially a school as well as a promotion, so some very inexperienced rookies appear on undercard of some events.


- Amazing in-ring action
- Generally best indy wrestlers in the world. Many future mainstream stars in the making.
- Often with guest wrestlers from other indy/puro promotions so a lot of variation
- Very energetic live audiences
- Good storylines

- Poor accessibility
- Poor production values
- Small audiences at some shows
- Not many larger than life characters/gimmicks


NJPW/NOAH/Dragon Gate
- Fantastic wrestling
- Good mix of heavyweights and lightweight in main event scenes.
- Great production values

- Poor accessibility outside of Japan
- Language barrier. So enjoyment is purely focused on in-ring action.