Proof of a Jericho return?


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This aired after Coachman's segment on Raw. I immediately thought Jericho and others did as's the link.

If you slow it down, you see different words. Specifically: survivor, smack, raw, champion, 7Oct, save_us_222, and it sounded like in a low voice someone say "im back"

No mercy is on october 7th, by the way


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haha whatever you say man....

here's more...

CD Volume 4

I think it's interesting to note that Jericho's song Break Down the Walls, was the first track on WWE CD Volume 4...


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Jericho could be coming back because I mean he has been so close to a deal for so long but I don't know that if he got a deal he'd be back early enough for No Mercy. It'd be cool though.


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Last night on RAW, WWE aired a very strange and cryptical video clip. The clip shows blue text scrolling on a black screen - very similar to the green scrolling text from the movie "The Matrix". Text is constantly flashing on the screen and it's hard to make out exactly what to make of the clip.

The video has been posted online and by pausing the clip at certain spots, several "clues" can be made out:

- The phrase "SAVE_US.222" flashes several times and is the focus of the video

- Some of the frames show what looks like computer code containing the names of current and past WWE shows. It appears to be the "video paths" used by WWE's production software.

- Now, let the speculation begin. There is a "3-2-1" countdown that flashes quickly. One of the phrases that shows up a few times is "cd_volume4_1.act". On WWE's CD "WWE The Music: Volume 4", Track 1 is the theme music of .. Chris Jericho. With that in mind, the clip is somewhat similar to Chris Jericho's old entrance video.

- The phrase "7OCT" is repeated over and over on one frame. October 7th is the date of WWE's next PPV, No Mercy


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Ya, I saw this last night I was wondering what it was. If it's Jericho coming back that would be pretty cool. I’ve always thought Jericho was a good wrestler and he’s very funny.

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Wouldnt it be funny if it wasnt a promo for the WWE lol.

Im sure it had to do with the WWE though. Not sure if its Jericho.


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The promo was definitely WWE, but was it for Jericho or not. Who knows.

With all that said Jericho has posted this on his myspace page...

Chris Jericho is known for "stirring the pot" when it comes to playing mind games with fans of the pro wrestling industry. Today, Chris Jericho has done it again.

The Ayatollah of Rock 'n Rollah updated his official MySpace page. The new headline on his page says:"I'm coming back!!"

We've reported here for weeks that Chris Jericho has been in talks with WWE about returning to the company.

Things heated up after Jericho appeared on Larry King Live with WWE Champion John Cena following the Benoit family tragedy.

With the debut of the "SAVE_US.222" video last night on RAW and now Jericho's MySpace update, the rumor mill is running rampant with talk that the cryptic video is for Jericho.