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Writing Prompt #2 - The Fairy Tale


Problematic Shitlord
This is easily one of my favorite prompts. Have fun!


For fifteen minutes, write the most conviluted, cliche-filled fantasy store you can.


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My submission for this prompt. (it was a difficult one! For anyone that's looking for material you can go here: List of Fairytale Tropes and Cliches - Springhole.net)

WARNING, this is cliche fairytale writing and you may find it to be offensive!

There once lived three princesses in the land of the Seven Skyward Spires.

Each of the princesses had beautiful features but were differentiated by the colors of their hair. One was a brunette, another a blonde, and another had dark black hair.

One day the three princesses decided to go for a picnic out in the magic forest. They packed apples, bread, and honey into their woven basket and went on their way. When they had arrived at the perfect spot in the middle of a field of green grass they spread their red and white checkered blanket.

The princesses sat down to enjoy a pleasant meal in the middle of the day. Just then, they heard a cry for help come from within the forest.

They gathered their things and were off at once to see what was the matter. They came to a chipmunk dangling from the branch of an oak tree in a cage.

"Please, please, please, you must help." The chipmunk begged in a high squeaky voice.

"Whatever can we do dear creature?" The blonde asked. Just then, she looked around and noticed hundreds of gold cages all hanging from the tree. "Ooohhh!!! I didn't know it was Christmas, how exciting!"

The brunette rolled her eyes and turned to the chipmunk. "How can we be of assistance?"

"You must get the key and get me out of here." He squeaked.

"Where is the key?" The black haired princess asked with an air of annoyance.

"The forest troll has it." The chipmunk replied. "He put us all in these cages, said he was going to eat us all, hung the key around his neck and went that way." He pointed in a specific direction where the forest seemed to clearly darken.

"Don't worry cute little chipmunk. We'll invite the forest troll to the Christmas party too!" The blonde princess was so excited.

"Pull yourself together!" The black haired princess slapped the blonde princess across the cheek. "We'll get your **** key chipmunk. I swear if it's the last thing I do." She grumbled as she walked towards the darkness.

The three princesses set off on their adventure to find the forest troll.


That's all I could get in 15 minutes. I threw some humor into it as well. But that was SO painful to write :lol:. I hate writing fairy tales.


Embrace the Suck
Ever since he was a kid Alex wanted to be a baseball player. He would play every chance he got. His mom would drive him back and forth to practice all the time. She would write his name on his gloves and at times alone in the outfield he would look at the curve of the letters of his name. He would play catch with anyone any chance he got. It was all he could ever think about.

These thoughts came to mind when, after this most recent game in the minors and while in the locker room his coach came up to him. "Hey kid, pack your stuff. You got the call. You're meeting the team in Cleveland. Your flight leaves in a couple of hours" his coach said. He smiled at him and said "Good luck, kid".

The big show. His thoughts now drifted to those times he got "those looks". He knew those looks well. "So what do you want to do with your life?" a counselor or teacher would ask. "I want to play baseball", he'd reply. He would then get those looks. The smile that tried to convey the look of "good luck I hope you make it" but really said "get real, kid. Quit dreaming".

He needed to call his dad. His dad named him after Alexander the Great. He wasn't the student of history his dad was, after all his dad taught history at the local university. He always felt his dad was a little disappointed he wasn't the academic he was and he remembered his dad making a comment a long time ago that his dream about baseball was a fairy tale, but he was still as supportive as he could be.

"Hey pop" he said when his dad answered the phone. "I wanted to let you know I got called up. This is it".

"Called up? What does that mean?" his dad asked.

"I got called up to the majors. I made the big leagues" he said. He could feel his voice quiver a bit and he had to hold back some tears.

His dad was silent for a bit, and he started to wonder what his dad was thinking.

"I'm proud of you, son. You had a dream and you chased it, even when not many thought you could do it", his dad finally said.

"Thanks pop. Listen, I gotta go. I'm catching a flight to Cleveland tonight. Give mom a kiss for me and I'll call you later".

Ok, that's all I got. The initial thought came into my head when I read the prompt and I started writing what was in my head.


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That's pretty good writing CO. Not my idea of a fairy tale (I prefer heavy stereotypes in a more classic setting) but still quite good. :)

Merc, can we expect to see something from you?