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Prom dress memories (nightmares)


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I didn't go to any proms. I only went to one dance through all of junior and high school. Even if I was to buy a dress, my mom would have never gone with me.

Now that I'm a mom, I thought this would be an idealic wonderful time with my daughter. Not. The dance is May 14. She hasn't been looking that long in my opinion...about a month or so. It was maybe 4 shopping trips and about 30 dresses. About 2 weeks ago, while out with her cousin she found a full length red dress. (Right away I thought about how she had already had a red dance dress in the past!). II'll admit it has a beautiful back!! Crisscross straps with two jeweled silver rings. She brought me another night to see it. The front didn't fit good enough. She and I were at the store with 2 of her friends. When I said I didn't "like" it (maybe because of the ill fit) she broke down sobbing. I was so desperate to console her I told her we would get it altered. I nearly buckled under her tears. Apparently she was totally depending on me to like it. Wished I had known to lie. It's ready now but she is still raw about the whole ordeal. Her cousin will go again with her to look at the fitting. I don't think I can handle the emotion.
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For a Free Scotland
Wow, that's an impressive amount of effort and emotion into a dress. I hope things mend up fine and things get resolved- you didn't mean to say quite what you said. And dance-time is emotional roller coaster for people

As a guy I didn't have the same effort. I only went to my junior prom (fuck senior prom, that shit was in an aviation museum because the family that owned it went to the school and they could get a discount) I went to Men's Wearhouse and got a pinstriped suit for the occasion, with accessories. Mom was concerned I'd look like a gangster.




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I took one day to find my dress, lol.
Young girls are funny about that kind of stuff. We depend on our mothers for all kinds of support.


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I went to the prom once and shopping for a dress was ugh. I don't even remember if my mom was there. I just know she gave me a budget and I had to look for dress with my friends. I remember putting so much importance on having something I can feel good about, considering "prom" was so hyped and a rare special event to participate (plus the side story of wanting to impress your date). I can imagine why you daughter is getting emotional and also if the date is near. Maybe if you're not accompanying her, just say some basics you prefer she avoids and everything else she picks that doesn't fit that, you just practice your motherly smile and say "nice dress". :hah:


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Yep, I've learned my lesson. Just nod. The hair and make up is next. I promise I'll nod a lot.


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Kaz, that girl's dress is gorgeous. I love it.

I wish my mom had been more active with stuff like this. She's never been very girly at all, so I was left to my own devices to find a dress and I failed miserably. My dress was really cute, on the rack anyway. Once I put it on, I should have realized that someone with my figure can NOT wear a strapless dress. there's not enough duct tape in the world to make that work, and I cringe when I look at the pictures.

I'm hoping that if my niece ever goes to prom, she'll ask me to go shopping with her. I'm sure she will want me there to provide balance to my sister's overdeveloped sense of prudishness.


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My mum basically told me I wasn't pretty enought to wear a dress so I wore a white suit to my prom :)

I loved it though.

I can't wait to do all that stuff with my daughter!


For a Free Scotland
Kaz, that girl's dress is gorgeous. I love it.
Yeah, I wish you could see the back of her hair. She got it straightened for the prom, and it had this intricate braiding pattern- was really nifty.


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This time between mom and daughter to shop for a dress is supposed to be special. So I was shocked when all I did was make her sob. I think it's a highly-charged time for her, and I didn't realize that enough. Tonight she picks it up with her cousin and they will practice hair and make-up again. Luckily for her I'll be at tennis. I know she will look fantastic and with the alterations I'll like the dress better. It is much more important to me that she feel confident and positive. I hope I didn't do irreparable damage.


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I loved Prom dress, waiting my prom but have a tight budget so i just search Google and came across to this site.

Hope i will have a happy prom within my budget.

Please wish me HAPPY HAPPY PROM ... I m very excited about all this stuff.