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Project Powmax!




I'm a computer nerd along with my big brother. Thanks to him I have an amazing machine. Here's how everything started...

So the night before Christmas 2004 I wake up, I hang out with my best friend Jarrid. ( The one I draw on ). We just hang out all day play some ps2 and go out side and break old stuff. Just to celebrate. Later that night my friend goes home and I go into my brother's area. We hang out for about 2 hours just watchin tv. My mom comes down to say hi and my mom says for me to get up. I go into my room for a minute and my mom told me to stay there for a few seconds. She has my brother get somethign out of his closet and I hear this stuff being pluged in blah blah. So I get called back in and my mom told me to close my eyes and start walking. I got into my brothers room where he had something set up for me. I opened my eyes and it was this computer...

I was really suprised. I went up to it to look at it more and it was very clean. I got on it and the first thing I played was nfsu2. It looked really good. I was super happy. I ended up calling my friend that has a modded computer and told him about it. He thought it was awesome. So I was really happy with what I got. But then my brother moved out and I didnt really know how to do many things. I pretty much learned on my own.

So he bought the case off of ebay with a CD drive, my AMD sempron (tm) 2500+, 1 Stick of ram and floppy drive. Then he bought the 150 Gb Hard drive, Video Card ( Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 ) and the 500Watt ( I beleive ) power supply. Then he scored a 15 Pack of Fan's from woot for about 15 dollars. Wholesale. But the case came with the side window LED fan. He also gave me a Wireless G Card the night before. The LED neons, were in his old PC and he gave them to me. I beleive 12' LED, Blue.

Here's more picture's of it between when he gave it to me through untill I moved to SD.

One of the LED fan's I bought. ( My First mod ).

So my brother moves out, I move to San Diego. The pc is un touched by me. But just recently I started Modding. I trust my self a lot more and that helps. So here's a list of what i've done since my brother left.

1 new stick of ram. ( freebie :D ).
New Processor fan ( Other one died on me ).
New 40 GIG hard drive ( Other one over heated. Lost all data :( ).
REC Dvd Drive/Dvd cd burner.
5.1 C-Media 5.1 Surround Sound Sound Card.
5.1 Logitech Surround.
Hard drive coolant fan.
Chameleon Neon Kit.

Gross, Dusty and all messy. When I first started to mod.

Cleaning. Getting it ready for my new mods.

Sound card came in. Only $15.99 on Geeks.com

New Neon Kit.

Then putting my old neon in with the new kit.

With Both neon kits on.

With my newest moniter.

And the last pic, My latest Cup mod. lmao.

So my future plans... Well

Front LCD Fan controller
Card Slot Fan Cooler
Wire Sleeving
Maybe UV Neon Kit
New Front Fan Grille
Another Ram Stick
New Hard drive (s)
New Power Supply

That's about it. So I just wanted to share.


blue 3
Wow, thats a nice machine. You should get a couple different neon mixes in the machine, so you can get them to change colors. Thats what I have, its pretty awesome IMO, maybe I'm just a loser, who knows.

Anyways; props on the machine, the tower looks great, so does the monitor, and sounds like you've got a nice little package running in it.



Haha I do have a neon kit that I can change colors!!! I can mix any color I want. Heh thanks again!


thats cool man.
I've been meaning to mod my computer forever now, but I've been too lazy to touch my machine. I need a good slicin' tool too. You have n e thing you can recommend?


It looks amazing, and the specs to boot! Well done!


Thanks guys. Lot's of work has gone into it. I just got some new parts today! They should come in the mail soon. Ill post up once they get here!


Forum Drifter
That's an awesome compy Spencer.


T_T i want blue lights in my computer toO!! i also want it to be tansparent! -.- tahtll be the day. lol


I must applaud those who use home made computers! That's what i use, and i'm very pleased with it. Although dust gets in too easy so i have to use copressed air a lot on it. Anyways, the best computers are usually home made, and much cheaper as well. My older brother made mine, and that's what i'm still using. Energy star > others.