Xbox 360 Project Natal


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Oh. My. God.

I just watched this video on Xbox Live. It looks amazing. Especially the skateboarding part.

I can't wait for this.

Anyone else see this?

E3 also released a lot of new info for xbox 360..

Modern Warfare 2 gameplay, Final Fantasy coming to xbox, Crackdown 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Forza 3, Halo 3 ODST gameplay, Halo: Reach, Alan Wake, watching movies/listening to music with xbox live friends, Facebook, Twitter, Metal Gear Solid: Rising.
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I'm going to cheat and use copy pasta that I wrote on Anime Forum.

In all honesty, Natal? I'm going to have to see it in action to believe it. There are a number of problems I have with the tech demo.

1) The fighting game. I doubt many people are going to play like that, and from what we've "seen" so far, it feels as if you need to actually have some training in order to pull off anything complicated. Also, what's going to happen when your character is hit? It's going to go unresponsive, and that is going to be a major disconnect.

2) Facial recognition. The technology isn't perfect, there are a number of situations which cause it to fail (low or poor light, wearing sunglasses or anything else which partially covers the face, smiling). It's use in law enforcement and at airports has generally resulted in failed tests. So either Microsoft have suddenly perfected the technology so that it can be used in this way, or they're talking out of their rear and users are going to face a lot of problems getting this to work.

3) The football game. And how, exactly, are we going to pull this off if we don't have any space? Not to mention actually "kicking" the ball exactly how you want it will be hard.

4) Scanning your own gear. Now, scanning for objects can be done, take a look at the Assassins Creed 2 website. However, that requires them to have programmed the site to look for the specific symbols, it won't recognise anything else. So I'm a little interested in finding out how developers are meant to pull this off without problems (for example, hands obstructing the skateboard).

Now, thinking about (1) and (3) leads me to the following decision - most of the controlling will be similar to the Wiimote, where you don't get full control and the game instead interprets your actions. Which means it's probably going to end up like a gimmick.
Ok so we are talking about Natal...

Natal? Really? why do they feel the need for this? Yes it looks fun and cool but I think it is stupid how everything has a motion censer? the only think I think will be cool is the voice recognition part. My Xbox is set up infront of my bed on a dresser. I have about a foot of space there. I only have one account on my xbox so the facial thing wont matter. My girlfriend laughs when I have my headset on. How do you think she will react when she comes into the room and I am jumping around like a retard. Not cool microsoft. so final thought on natal? Epic fail!!


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Its a great concept, but it is way ahead of its time. I can foresee many problems with the unit including voice recognition...whats stopping it from picking up other audio or people in the area? as well as your cat walking by and interfering with your gameplay. Great Idea but many problems will come with it.


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i'm actual HUGELY against Natal because based on the demo at E3 diisabled gamers will be forced out of gaming. Natal could in-fact be a violation of the ADA if it isn't able to be programmed for individuals of all kind. check the blog in my sig for my blog against Natal.


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Natal is good for the new dashboard on xboxlive.

If thats the future of gaming consoles i wont be buying a new one ever again.