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I was curious and I thought I would post what you guys think of Prohibition. The card is not that bad as most people think it is, but thats what a think. Tell you're reasoning if you post what you think. Thanks.


It's a duel sided sword I mean there are 5 major s/t removeal
Breaker the Magical Warrior
Mobuis the Frost Monarch
Heavy Storm
Mystical Space Typhoon
Dust Tornado

So Personally it's more of an annoying, questionable, situation stall card personlly i give the card a 2/5 playableity
4/5 burn deck possiblity.


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its a good card but fits best in a stall/burn deck. Activate Prohibition targeting cyber dragon or mobius and they will desperately try to get rid of it, but with a solemn or two to counter MST/Heavy Storm and Torrential for breaker and your in good shape. an underestimated card no doubt.


I was going to say just put in a side deck and then put in the main deck when you REALLY need to.


It relies too much on luck to risk using it. You have to assume your opponent is a) using said card and b) that calling a specific card will directly put them at a disadvantage, rather than hoping they draw it sometime in the near future

Say you get it turn 5 and call Mobius... say Mobius is at the bottom of their deck, and Prohibition is long gone by the time your opponent draws him. Prohibition has just become a waste of a draw phase.

IMO, its best use is against a themed deck that you know is running multiples of a card that will cripple them if they can't use it (pyramid turtle, marauding captain, tsukuyomi...), or if your deck runs 3 compulsary evac, penguin soldiers and cards like those.


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Ok, so it is side deck material. Simply find out what kind of deck they are running and side in Prohibition and stop them in their traps.
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