Progressive's "One Nation" rally in Washington

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by SmilinSilhouette, Oct 3, 2010.

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    The "one nation" rally was held yesterday as the progressive's counter protest to tea party protests and the recent Beck rally, and in spite of the fact that over 400 organizations helped organize it, nobody came. :lol: OK, a few showed up. But with the support of the NEA, AFSCME, SEIU, AFL-CIO, UAW, United Steelworkers, National Wildlife Federation, Sierra Club, Childrens Defense Fund, NAACP, Rainbow PUSH, etc, etc, what happened? If each group participating had brought 1000 people then it would have been something along the lines of what one man, Glen Beck, put together.

    Is the progressive movement running out of steam? Has Obama's failures sunk the hopes of the progressive ascendency? Is the progressive/socialist/Marxist movement waning? Or is this the calm before the storm?

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  2. pro2A

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    I'd be interested to see what mess they left. From what I heard there was not a spot of trash left by the Tea Partiers or the 8-28 crowds... but I remember after all the moon-bats at the Obama inauguration....


    They don't live by the rules they prescribe for everyone else. Personally I think they are autonomous robots that follow party politics... something I don't think the Tea Party is for.
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  3. SmilinSilhouette

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  4. Merc

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    You know the one thing that always drives me nuts about such polarized political discussion such as what is going on here, is that both parties are always guilty of what one claims the other does. All sides of the political spectrum are full of automated drones that do whatever they're told, believe whatever they're told and don't blink when contradicted. The Tea Party especially is not free from this disease. I mean, I could always post some of the millions of photos of dead soldiers and innocent civilians left in the wake of George Bush. Maybe even the wreckage of the twin towers, but that's probably in bad taste despite its truthfulness.

    Although, I find it funny that this is the rally you're choosing to pick on. Perhaps it's because John Stewart and Stephen Colbert's rally is already outpacing Beck's rally?
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  5. SmilinSilhouette

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    The one thing I find amusing is the purveyor of many fine polarizing threads demonizing Beck, Palin, etc. describes this thread in that light. Now it is as if George Bush himself has killed soldiers, civilians, and is responsible for taking down the world trade center.

    Then to describe questions and videos of the aftermath of garbage as "picking on" the protesters that attended the rally is quite absurd. Just as is comparing it to a rally set up by a couple of comedians which has not yet happened by saying it is "outpacing" the Beck rally, now that is funny! However, it will not surprise me if it is better attended than this poor showing. I wonder if it will set a new high mark for garbage left behind as well. Is that how progressives intend to create jobs? By leaving their trash behind for others to pick up?
    Next time, I hope the "automated drones" are told to PICK UP AFTER THEMSELVES! :lol:
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  6. Sim

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    Couldn't agree more.

    pro2A, SS: You said you sympathize with the Tea Party because it allegedly is not just a mob of all kinds of radical nuts and Republicans with Obama derangement syndrome, but a group of people that is neither left nor right, neither Republican nor Democrat, but holding dear the Constitution, genuinely angered at both parties and their tendency for big government. You say the Tea Party are not just people who will look the other way, when it's a Republican/right-winger expanding government and trampling basic civil rights and the Constitution. You say it's not just people who hate Obama, but who have convictions.

    Yet you parrot the most idiotic slurs and talking points anti-intellectual, clownish demagogues like Glenn Beck, in the pocket of the Reps, who does have no other agenda but damaging Democrats and making people believe the Republicans are better, although they clearly aren't. People who use all the power they have to enforce partisan views and veiling the real issues: That both parties are blatantly violating our basic values.

    It's postings like those that confirm my impression the Tea Party really is not more than a bunch of partisan people with no genuine interest in issues, rather than making "their team" win and using any opportunity to harm "the other team".

    And as I see it, just that is all that American conservatism is these days. They really have nothing else to offer but empty rhetorics and partisan hatred, and even those who complain about alleged violations of the Constitution and basic values are hypocrites, because they are blind for Republicans and right-wingers violating these principles.
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    @ Cons & Sim: Before you get all defensive, maybe reread the OP and reply to it rather than trying to change the subject. I would be glad to discuss the other issues that you have brought up, so please start a thread for that purpose rather than trying to derail and redirect this one.
  8. Unity

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    (1) I hadn't heard about the rally until your thread, to be honest. Glenn Beck is a pundit with his own show on a popular conservative news channel. That was a Fox News rally, pushed to death by the station, a channel that gets really good ratings. I don't think it can be labeled grassroots by any means. The groups putting on the rally you mentioned didn't do a good job of spreading the word on this at all...either didn't have the resources or didn't know what they were doing. Or both.

    (2) I'm damn proud to be a progressive, but don't bunch me up in with marxism and socialism. I'm still an American individual with unique views on every subject. As are other progressives. As are conservatives. We're not socialists, you're not fascists. Start being realistic and stop perpetuating this ridiculous divide we've got in the U.S. It's ignorant in the truest sense of the word.
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  9. Merc

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    And you're treating those videos as if Obama did it ;)

    Either way, the nightmare fantasy to the right that is "progressivism" is not some widespread enemy. It's a pathetic label they apply liberally to people they want their followers to avoid and dislike. I don't think as many people believe themselves to be progressive as the republicans or anyone else would like to think. I think we have a large population of people that want to see government shrink but business regulation go a bit further since our government has gone far beyond third base with big business in this country. The problem is the right wants to label all those people tea partiers, which they aren't. The left wants to call them progressives, which they aren't. Some people choose one label or another but hopefully it will die down. Also, there is no progressive TV show or anybody that has really touted progressivism like Beck has conservatism or Stewart moderatism so it's not surprising the numbers were small.

    Using the aftermath of a rally as a sign of anything is just as silly as saying that since a lot of republicans began taking bets on or hoping that Obama would be assassinated is a sign that they're going to kill all of us. It's just silly, so let's stop this lame comparison, comprendes?

    Also you can look it up, according to hotels, invites and the endorsements from big names all the way up to Obama, I don't know why it's hard to believe the rally is outpacing Beck's (which totaled about 87,000). I also think it's funny how you use the term "comedian" like it's demeaning. I mean, Beck is the exact same thing. He's a TV host that uses hyperbole, humor, and a casual demeanor to tell the news and share his views. How is he different than Stewart? Just wondering. But I suppose that's for another thread.
  10. Jeanie

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    According to the BBC News, plenty of people came.

    BBC News - One Nation rally draws thousands

    Instead of worrying about which side had more people at its rally and posting pictures of trash before it was cleaned up (obviously you can't clean up an area where there are still thousands of people milling about), let's get back to talking about what matters.

    Say, that raises an interesting point - if "nobody came" as you insinuate, then where did all the trash come from?

    P.S. "autonomous" means the capacity of a rational individual to make an informed decision without coercion. Something rather opposite of "robot"

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