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Progressive vs non-Progressive thinking


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I guess you can argue this and write this off to be an opinion piece and perhaps it is. But I have read so much negativity lately about Islam, not just here at good ole GF, but in about every news article or comment accessible. I feel like I'm the only one in the world who gets it. The "it" I am talking about is plain and simple understanding.

Let me start by giving my own crude definition of Progressive thinking. To me this means one who thinks in terms of change through progress.

Progress can mean time, technology advancements or even learning.

Non- Progressive thinking to me means one who does not change their way of thinking regardless or Progress.

Examples of Progressive: The Christian faith is a progressive faith. Judaism is a progressive faith. Western World thinking (in general) is a progressive way of life.

Examples of Non-Progressive: Islam is a non-progressive faith. The Amish life is a limited non-progressive lifestyle and belief.

I see so many times people accuse or imply something must be wrong with Islam because of practices they do as part of their faith. But I almost never hear anyone say "something must be wrong with Amish people" The truth is we may not fully understand why they are non-progressive, but does that mean there is anything wrong with them? or you for not understanding their way of life or beliefs?

I think what I am getting at here is everyone needs to accuse less and begin to understand more. Along with understanding you should also consider Islam's position in the world. Islam was not always aggressive towards Christians, Westerners or what have you, the problem is Christians though advised by Islam for centuries not to continue to try and recruit members of Islam to become Christians. In doing this Christians insult Islam just by the mere thought Christians are right and Islam is wrong. Add to this the US and much of the West occupying territories within Islamic countries, making demands, squeezing Governments for Western interest, threatening countries who are not under Western law etc etc etc. I think we all know this has happened for many many years and continues today. But sure, why wouldn't Islam grow tired of it, why wouldn't they hate the West by now? Wouldn't you hate Islam if the roles were reversed and your country or religion or both as is Islam's case were under seize or told how to do this and not to do that and that your way of thinking or praising is wrong, barbaric and a disgrace?

another important example of progressive and non-progressive.

Christianity in it's early stages killed people, allot of people for simply not believing in Christianity. They killed people for making discoveries about science that did not align with the Bible. They killed women for committing adultery and all the while this was simply accepted as the way things are supposed to be. Christianity has progressed past all that, as Christians know their faith is a progressive faith.

Islam today punishes and or kills women who commit adultery, they do many of the same practices once thought by Christians to be right, but what most Christians today do not understand is that while your faith is a progressive faith, Islam is not. Islam has remained unchanged in text and belief since it was conceived. To accept Islam is to accept that the Qur'an is the absolute word of God verbatim.

Now, ask yourself this, who is right? is there even a right or wrong here? being progressive thinkers it is very hard to imagine life or faith in a non-progressive manor, but does that make Islam wrong? does it make the Amish lifestyle wrong? I say no, there is no wrong here, just a lack of understanding and comprehension.

I in no way condone Islam, as I do not believe in Islam, nor do I believe in Christianity, but I do have a basic understanding of each and I am respectful of those who do follow either equally,
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Son of Liberty
I know where you are coming from and believe me, I get "it". Actually that post in the other thread is basically what I was trying to say, that SOME of the Islamic faith need to accept the fact that there will be those who are going to mock your religious beliefs, that's just the way it is. They refuse to progress to that point in their thinking.

I have to disagree with you in that there is a right and a wrong here. The Amish may not be right or wrong, but the Amish don't kill people and bomb buildings for the mocking of their faith. Those that do those things are wrong, no matter what their faith is.


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I see the word "traditional" fitting in here. Islam for instance has women cover up, and they have their religious reasons. So they cannot integrate into the western world. They live among westerners, but continue to honor their tradition. One of those most wonderful version I saw of these two worlds coming together is a covered teen Islam girl working at Victoria Secret here in one of our So Cal malls. I really respect that, but I also pity the women. It would suck. And there are numerous examples of similar "rules" in Christianity too of tradition versus progressive where it would be very easy to dismiss those scriptures that bind believers to standards they would rather not adhere to. In the end, it's mostly about freedom, and whether you live within a family unit, community, city, country, religion, government allows an individual to make personal decisions. Humanity is on always striving to belong to SOMETHING. To be part of a system. So while we may all forever criticize the other for whatever direction we may take, in the end.....it's a personal decision.


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I agree CO, as a progressive thinker. But I also understand Islam is intolerant of it just as Christianity once was before it progressed. There is to me a difference in agreeing with an action and understanding why the action took place. My post isn't meant to make anyone agree with the murders or any of what Islam does or stands for I only hope it helps in understanding.


Nice to meet you, and nice post.


Free Spirit
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I don't know if Islam is changing or if it will ever change but I think some of the women in these Islamic countries are getting tired of it. I read where a woman in Iran knocked a cleric down and kicked him severely for telling her she wasn't dressed properly. This wasn't the first time this has happened in Iran. So I think some of the people are thinking more progressively even if Islam isn't.


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I think you're still oversimplifying things. For one thing, many Christians take the Bible literally, yet don't murder, don't mistreat women, etc. In fact, Amish are a type of Christians.

And on the other side, there are actually a number of different beliefs among Muslims (Islamic schools and branches - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). Plus, many things are sometimes decided by fatwa.