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Programs - One after the other


New Member
Does anyone know of any programs that are like a scheduler that you can have (EG- disk cleanup, defrag, registry clean...) and (since they each take 100% CPU power) go down the list and execute them one after the other?

and mabe switch off the computer after? hehehe...

ideal would be not "every day at 5:00" or "when log on / switch on"
but run once only whenever I want .. etc.


Secret Agent
Staff member
Why not set a scheduled task for each of these programs?

I think you could create a .bat file to do each of those and then schedule the .bat file to run each day at 5:00am.

One of our mods here is good with such files. Maybe he can help out when he sees this thread. :)


New Member

i looked around for a program to do that, but couldn't find one..
maybe i was using the wrong keywords etc.. .
but wouldn't more people need something like this?
hmmhm. . .
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