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TV Programmes that make you squirm


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I admire telly that can make me do this. The sort of show, where the main character's predicaments seem so serious and so impossible for them to put right, that you can't help but squirm and cringe and sit avidly fixated on every action, until the problem is sorted in one way or another.

Dexter is a prime choice. It really makes me cringe watching him worm his way out of his problems, when it seems palpable that he'll be caught.

Although, the crown for squirm inducing telly (for me at least) goes to Fawlty Towers. John Cleese is remarkable in each episode, as in each installment he does something that will incur the wrath of his wife Cybil. And in each predicament the most cringeworthy aspect is that through many episodes he digs himself a hole that is getting gradually deeper. I've seen them all, and I can't help but enjoy the madcap comedy they portray, as well as the utterly bone-twisting tension they seem to generate - even over something as daft, as not letting Cybil find out he's been gambling. It's remarkable.

Anywho - Are there shows that hold this sort of squirm inducing character for you, especially ones that affect you most potently. If you know what I'm on about.
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