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Program suggestion


New Member
I want to block facebook on my computer from my kid. Any good software?


That's true, that's why I asked how old the kid is. I used to bypass proxies in High School all the time, easy as cake. But for a younger child I think it would be difficult.


Eye see what you did ther
I thought you asked the age of the kid because you wanted to know why the parent wanted to block it.


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You don't need any program. You can just edit your hosts file.
If you are on Windows platform go to local disk --> Windows --> System32--> drivers --> etc --> hosts... Open hosts file with notepad and edit it. You need to put local ip adress for facebook.com (you are changing adress on which browser will lead for some domain name) so that when you go to that adress through your browser you will be redirected on a local machine. Local IP adress is usually so you can type in :
" www. facebook.com facebook.com"
in you hosts file and kid would not be able to go to facebook. And I doubt that he knows for this file if he is not older kid.
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internet explorer.

to block:
Internet Options;
in the content advisor section, click enable;
have a play around with that (i think its in the approved sites. cut and paste the facebook url and select never. i THINK that's how it works. been ages since i used it.