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How do you personalize your phone's profile [for example: you leave it on silent, vibrate, or ring-tone melody]?

i have friends who leave it on vibrate/silent all the time. to me, this idea is nerve-racking. i'll leave it on silent only when i'm in a meeting/conference/lecture hour at uni.
other than that, i'll have it ring.
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Technically, all but two or three of my ring profiles are the same. So, I generally leave it on a ring/vibrate combo with the ring volume set up at high as it can go.


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Mine is usually on vibrate or silent. I put it on silent when I go to sleep. I keep it on vibrate at work. The only time I really turn it up is when I am home and I';m not next to it. Even then I still ignore it :lol:


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My phone is on vibrate all the time, even when I go to sleep. I leave my phone on all the time, I even leave it on vibrate when I go to bed. Sometimes I regret it though.


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I have been using vibration for as long as I can remember because I am always at school and sleeping. And punishment for having a phone at school is like punishment for first degree murder.
Lol, like most people in this thread, mine is on vibrate constantly too. The only time you'll hear anything from my phone is when the alarm goes off. I can't remember the last time it wasn't on silent/vibrate.


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I only put mine on silent or vibrate when I'm at work. Once I've left work it goes back on normal mode so that I can hear my ringtones.