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Professors say today's college kids really ARE dumber and lazier


Sultan of Swat
Staff member

We've touched on this subject a few times here on GF. Two professors studied thousands of college students and found that as a rule they don't study as much as previous generations, show very little improvement in critical thinking skills, yet do fine on GPA and feel just as accomplished when they graduate.



AKA Ass-Bandit
I don't buy it, simply because of one thing; it's done by just two professors. They may have had a sample size in the "several thousands", but that's nothing compared to a population size of over 3 million. If more scientists were to do it, and sample sizes started rising to the hundreds of thousands mark, then I'd be more likely to believe it.

Further, I can't recall where I heard or read this, but in terms of people getting dumber, IQs are actually going up. Sure, scores themselves may look the same, but that's because the median and the test itself changes. Someone with an IQ of, say, 80 is actually rated higher than someone who would have gotten an 80 back in the 30's or 40's. Then again, it's disputed as to if IQ means anything in regards to actual intelligence, so maybe this second paragraph wasn't needed. Still, worth throwing it out there.


Registered Member
A few problems with their conclusions:

They seem to assume that volume of reading several pages a week or writing a lot somehow automatically means better education. And I would guess part of the reason less time is spent studying is because of advances in technology.