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professional wrestling: what do you think about it?


  • YES

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  • NO

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  • Sometimes yes, sometimes no, but most of the time YES

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  • Sometimes yes, sometimes no, but most of the time NO

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  • It's always an ambiguous mixture of both

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Registered Member
The question of the hour:

In your opinion, is professional wrestling "cheap entertainment"?

def- professional wrestling: The type of wrestling done by organizations like WWE, WCW, ECW, and all those various others that people may be familiar with.


Also, I want everybody to vote in this poll. It doesn't matter if you consider yourself a wrestling fan or not. I want every eligible user who sees this poll to register a vote in it. Large turnout, larger turnout, LARGE TURNOUT, is what I want.


Registered Member
I voted yes, as the industry has just gotten worse with the WWE basically haveing no competition... alot of talented Wrestlers have gone on to other shows like TNA or whatever the likes...


The Rock is cooking atm..
But TNA isn't as big as the WWE. BTW, Vega I voted Sometimes yes,sometimes no, but mostly no. You maybe right. Wrestling can be sometimes crap at times,and it maybe going worse,than it was before. But the fact of the matter is I DON"T care,I love wrestling I've started watching it ever since I was a small kid. I'd never turn down wrestling for as long as I live.


Registered Member
It's O.K. But professional wrestling is not by cup of tea. I would rather play video games or write them that watch wrestling.


Registered Member
NASCAR too? :lol: Well I do suppose that the one looping track it kinda simple now that I think about it... :lol:

btw, I myself did not vote for the first or third choice on this poll. Just want to make that clear to any "visitors" here.

and if you don't know what that means then just forget about it ^