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This always amuses me. To wonder why in the hell somebody would choose to be a proctologist. I know, somebody has to do these jobs, but what makes a person have the enthusiasm to look at buttholes all day? For real. And a gynocologist, he/she looks at vaginas. My personal gyno doc is very nice, but I always think how he can go home and sex it up with his wife, after looking at so many vaginas all day :lol: And then the proctologists, they look at buttholes. And these aren't ordinary "odd jobs"- these are chosen professions, they went to school for this stuff. Me personally, I would rather be a criminologist or medical examiner, which of course, is odd to some too.

But I feel certain, being a proctologist would never have been a choice for me. Anybody here? Have a desire to be one of these special doctors?


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They initially follow a general medical education. Maybe later on during their residency they've found out it wasn't at bad as it sounded to specialise on this. Kinda like someone suddenly become expert on pathologies or doing med report on dead people. Or maybe it was the only way to stay in the program because it's not as competitive. :lol: