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Don't be ashamed, pretty much everyone does it. How many times do you do it? With what certain things do you procrastinate? When was the last time you procrastinated?

I'll start first and admit to procrastinating with homework. If I have a long deadline, you bet I'll use it. You could give me a month to write a 10 page paper and I'll start it the night before it's due. It's pretty bad. :lol: I've also done something weird and did other things to procrastinate on something particularly bad. I've done dishes to put off homework or yard work.

But what about you? :)


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I never procrastinate, never~
People always tell me how on top of things I am....for instance, last week when I went out of town to see Christmas lights, I was already buying things for my sons' birthdays, coming up in May and June.
Because my Christmas is finished, it was all done before October.
So now....I plan ahead to birthdays.
Then come July again, I will be back planning for Christmas.....I get everything done that needs to be done, never put anything off.
I like to feel that organized :)


yellow 4!
I was going to reply to this thread then decided I couldn't be bothered typing something out so I'll do it later, as I often do. Then I realized the irony and just had to post now. :lol:

If I can put something off till the last minute then I almost certainly will, depending on what mood I'm in. I have tried to have good intentions and start things earlier but I burn myself out easier that way and find that I work/do things in general much more efficiently under pressure. I would love to be organized ahead of time but it's never going to happen!


Haters gonna hate.
I do procrastinate, and unsurprisingly, I procrastinate until the last possible moment when it comes to an important item. I HATE that.


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I do procrastinate, and unsurprisingly, I procrastinate until the last possible moment when it comes to an important item. I HATE that.
:lol: I find that the more important something is, the more likely I am to put off doing it.


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Huge procrastinator. Whenever I was in school, high school or college, I was that kid who was up until 4 in the morning the day a paper was due just starting it.


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:lol: I'm with you there, Big Bob. I've done that a couple of times, and I have a feeling I'll be doing that tonight.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I am so bad at this haha. My Mom and Dad are the exact opposite so whenever I would wait til the last minute for something they'd always get on my case about it.

School work I was the worst at it. I've gotten better at paying bills ahead of time though because being late for that will get you in trouble. I think my procrastination comes from my laziness.


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:lol: Hilarious, Rebeccaa!

Well, Dabs, you give the rest of us something to aspire to.
Surefire, I think my not having procrastination issues stems from me never wanting to miss out on anything...and always wanting to be on time for something, that I would regret missing later.
I think that's some of the reason I find myself not sleeping as well or not sleeping as much as I should...I think I might miss something.
Sounds odd I know.....but I never put off anything :)
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