Problems with the justice system: Man may face life in prison for mannequin rape


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Are we seriously going as far as saying guys acting on their (harmless) sexual fetishes need to be jailed? I'd say give the guy some time for breaking and entering, then give him a boot in the ass and a $50 mannequin and tell him to limit his infatuation to his own house.

What ways do you believe the justice system can improve itself and prevent petty crimes like this from putting people behind bars?


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The article said:
However, defense attorney Edward Cohn said he talked to a doctor at the Center for Forensic Psychiatry in Ypsilanti where Dotson was examined. "She told me she has no idea if there is treatment available," Cohn said. "We don't know if the Michigan Department of Corrections has any treatment.

That sums up my view there. Jail will not help the problem.


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Extra time for habitual crimes just shows that the imprisonment system has been inadequate in their ability to rehabilitate the person in question.
I've never liked the justice system. Altho, justice is due to those who are deserving, but it is too harsh at times....this is an obvious example of it being too harsh!

That's illegal? Sh*t.
Well, he did break into a store...if I'm not mistaken there is a law against that....just maybe.


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He's not in prison because he has a manniquin fetish. He's in prison because he is a habitual offender. To let him out means that any business person has to accept this man's destruction as a cost of doing business. Who says that others exist to satisfy one person's sexual fetish? Is there any argument whatsoever that supports that skewed and bizarre view?


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Michigan has an awful mental health system, and absolutely no money to do anything about it right now. The problems with the American auto industry has us pretty much against the ropes at the moment. The situation could potentially be improved in the state legislature wasn't delighted at the chance to starve our coffers and watch as the free market does absolutely nothing at all to fix matters here. The invisible hand never seems to be there when you need it.

Back on topic, yeah, the fella in question needs help. Nevertheless, Michigan voters have decided that we're not going to give it to him. We just can't afford it at the moment. Of course, we can't afford to pay to have this guy locked up for the rest of his life either, but who can bother investing in the future? Isn't is so much better to just cut taxes until the scary government no longer has the power to do scary things like give the mannequin fucker mental help? Our state legislature seems to think so.


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He's not in prison for raping a manniquin but for a career of breaking and entering and destroying private property.

Suppose it wasn't a manniquin. Suppose his fetish was breaking into stores to stomp Ipods and break up plasma television sets. Does that mean anything more?

Oh gee, the world exists to satisfy bizarre sexual fetishes, heaven forbid we interfere with the guys constitutional right to get off.