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Problems outside of the ring - how much do they bother you?


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I'm interested in hearing general thoughts...I'll say right away that I know it depends on the person and on the mistake they've made.

How much do backstage/personal issues bother you in professional wrestling? Do they affect your ability to be a fan of someone, or are you able to look past most mistakes?


-Alex Riley's DUI.

-Kurt Angle's idiotic Twitter criticism of Randy Orton

-Triple H/Kevin Nash's backstage politics

-Morrison's "cold shoulder" towards Trish Stratus

-Shane Helm's criticisms of Shawn Michaels

The list can go on and on, but you get the point.

Like I mentioned, I know it's different with different mistakes...but how much do things like this bother you? Do they at all?

If they do bother you, what does it take to get you mad? For example, are you fine with backstage politics but completely pissed with a DUI?


Better Call Saul
Staff member
People make mistakes but sometimes I do judge certain guys. I think it's the repeat offenders who really annoy me the most or guys who say and do certain things for no reason whatsoever.

The DUI thing, yeah it's dumb but Riley never did anything else so I can get past it. I try not to take it too seriously...some of it.


I ♥ Haters
People make mistakes but sometimes I do judge certain guys.

One of the things that really bother me about wrestling is the backstage politics. I mean on one hand you have guys like Randy Orton who are good with guys like Triple H and Vince. So they can bitch and complain and get things working their favors. Then on the other hand, you got guys like Christian who work their asses off for 17 years, but get nothing to show for it. I mean, understand that it's a dog eat dog world, but come on. If someone's busted their asses for your company for 17 years, they deserve better. Maybe that's just me. Who knows.

The thing with John Morrison, for me at least, is that he's a pussy. Plain and simple. If you can't respect a woman whose revolutionized women's wrestling then I have no respect for you. Does that mean I'll stop watching him? No. It just means I don't hold a very high opinion of him anymore.


Registered Member
It doesn't bother me at all. Jeff Hardy and RVD's problems that always became public didn't bother me. The only thing that would bother me if any of it had to do with beating their wifes or girlfriends or whatever. Other then that, if I enjoy watching them fly around the ring, then I'm not going to worry about what they do outside.


aka ginger warlock
To be honest the way I see it is that at the end of the day the men & women of WWE/TNA/ROH etc are all human and they all make mistakes in the same way that people do every day. The problem I think is that these people have certain responsibilities laid onto them if they want it or not.

If I for example received a DUI there are a few people this would affect. My parents would be disappointed in me, I would likely have to retake my driving test (though at this stage I don't have a driving license) and my boss would want to know exactly what the hell I thought I was doing but unless it was very bad it is unlikely I would loose my job.

The problem for someone like a footballer or wrestler is they are beyond the realms of most people from a point of view of public viewing. Whilst it may not seem fair or right these people are representing the WWE and if they do something that ends up on the front page of a paper for drugs or something it will directly affect the WWE. As I say, I don't think this is right but it is the job they have signed up for.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I have much less of a problem with backstage politics than I do with things like DUIs, assault charges, etc. generally speaking...but I'm pretty forgiving, overall.

I think backstage stuff bothers me to a pretty low degree. If people talk trash on each other, I'm able to look past it because I obviously haven't been around for every interaction between them. I can be a fan of Mr. Anderson and Orton at the same time, Orton and Angle, Helms and Michaels, etc.

I can forgive Jeff Hardy's crap - might be the hardest of all with what he did to that PPV - and give him another chance if the wrestling company does. More than anything, when substance abuse is involved, I just hope the person gets help and a wake-up call.

So overall with drama and backstage stuff - I assume I don't know all of the facts and I'm quick to forgive. Overall with substance abuse - Just hoping the guy gets help, doesn't make him a bad person. Overall with politics - eh, part of the game...if the guy is talented enough anyway I'm quick to look past it.