Problems lasting .:[Look inside]:.

Ok I am going to use this forum to spread some know how...

Ok I don't know about anyone but sometimes I find it hard to "stay" with a girl when your really feeling it. So here is my tip for you, now this only works if you drink. Just take a shot or two of what ever you like to drink. Just drink enough so that you start feeling it. Or get smashed it is up to you. I mean the girls I get with seem to hate when I am smashed so hide it. Anyhow when you are drunk it does not feel as good but you can last alot longer. Now don't over do it or you will be to gone to do anything. Also don't puke on her. If any of you have tried this please post stories on what happened.

Disclaimer: I am not telling you to drink if you are underage. If you are underage like me do not start drinking just to be good in bed.

My story: I had drunk sex not to long ago for the first time. I was able to for once in my life last two hours. She finally got tired and asked for me to stop. I felt just enough, but not to much. It was good because for once I was asking to keep going and she was laying on the bed and done for awhile.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Warning: If this is old news don't bash me just have fun with this thread


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No offence dude but when I have sex I want it to be special and with the girl I love, not some drunk, unconscious romp with a slag.

Drunk sex seems no good to me.


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Drunk sex is no good Jimmy. I've been there and for the most part I'd rather do it sober. Once was enough for me and unless it's a mutual thing between me and a girlfriend I'll keep my pants up.

Plus if you get too drunk you can't even get it up in the first place. No fun.
I'm about to drop
My head's a mess
The only salvation is
I'll never see you again

You give me head
It makes it worse
Take out your fuckin' retainer
Put it in your purse

I'm too drunk to fuck
You're to drunk to fuck
Too drunk to fuck
It's all I need right now Oh baby
I'm melting like an ice cream bar
Oh baby

And now I got diarrhea
Too drunk to fuck
Yeah, Yeah
Yeah, Yeah
Yeah, Yeah
I never said get shit faced lmao. Also I have had drunk sex and it was amazing because nether of us were nervous. I had sober sex two nights ago and it was good and we went for about 30 minutes. I am just saying if you cum in two minutes like some guys I have been hearing about from girls try getting a little tipsy. I am not saying to get a bottle of vodka and down the whole thing and then go puke on her.


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I don't need alcohol.

Seriously, if you're having problems lasting, either stop masturbating so often or use the "tease" method
(which involves masturbation and stopping before climax, which helps raise your control).
No, I know. A few drinks to loosen up, or just having an excuse to be more casual than usual..

But, well, I'm... ah... sensing *cough*, vaguely, :D that you might have some sort of inhibition and block about sex you can't get past. Curing that by drinking.. well, if drinking alone makes you feel good, then you're fucked. So if your girlfriend cares about you, and she's not completely insane - talk to her, and at least try to figure out what she likes. Maybe she likes quick and then slow and easy for a long while. Maybe she needs to feel you holding her before relaxing. Maybe she's feeling bad because she can't put herself in the right mood with you. Maybe she wants something she can't tell you. Maybe she gets off on the... er.. passion most of all. ..Maybe you want something else, but can't put your finger on exactly what?