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Problems connecting dvd-rom to motherboard.


New Member
I have an asus p5k motherboard and an asus 1814bl dvd-rom.

Instruction manual says:
7. Connect one end of the IDE/SATA ribbon cable to the IDE/SATA connector at the back of the optical drive, matching the colored stripe on the cable with pin 1 on the IDE connector. Connect the other end of the IDE/SATA cable to the IDE/SATA connector on the motherboard.

My problems are: 1) There are no cables specifically for the optical drive, but I believe I can use the HDD cable (seems to be IDE, and fits into dvd-rom connector. My HDD is already connected with a SATA cable)
2)I can't see any appropriate IDE connector on the motherboard, except for one that's underneath the graphics card.
3) There is a SATA connector on the motherboard, but not on the optical drive.

Any suggestions? (look motherboard and dvd-rom up for pictures, if that helps you help me :))


Secret Agent
Staff member
Well if it's an IDE drive then you'll have to have an IDE on your motherboard. If not you can buy a RAID PCI adapter and hook it up through that. Otherwise you'll need to get a SATA drive or a new motherboard. You can't really splice the cables to get it to work.

SATA is the newer technology, and IDE is on the way out anyway.