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Grr while using GF on the iPod touch safari just randomly closes down but it is only when I'm on GF. Does anyone else have this problem if they use an iPod touch and can you fix it?


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I've seen this too. I suspect GF is just a very heavy site for a mobile browser to display properly. I just tried with my new smartphone (WP7), and it doesn't have quite as much of a problem, but perforance is still worse than with many other sites. I've noticed this pattern especially with forums.

What version of the iTouch do you have? It could also be a problem with the older models -- my iPhone is a 3G, so a few years out of date. I suspect the newer models of the iPhone and iTouch have performance much more like my new phone.

Besides getting a newer device, I don't know what to tell you other than use a regular computer while hoping that Apple gets around to fixing this.

I'd be interested in hearing if anyone knows of a good solution or even a more thorough explanation to this, because I still use my iPhone at home on my wifi essentially as an iTouch.
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