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Problem with my ipod


Registered Member
Hey guys new to the site,

I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I have an 80 gig Ipod vid, older one.

I was having problems with my itunes freezing when I would plug my ipod into my laptop, for I formatted my ipod. when that was done I synced it again, it took awhile and when it was done there are no songs showing on my ipod. But it says that the ipod has 30 gigs free space. Now I do not want to reload my itunes, just finished doing that and I am not in the mood for that again.

Any Ideas?


Well-Known Member
What kind of computer is it? (model number, Operating system, specs, etc.)

My first instinct would be to try reinstalling iTunes.


Registered Member
Running windows 7 but I just did a fresh install of Itunes, loaded some songs on Ipod then had this problem where it was freezing. then formatted Ipod, then this was the first sync.... I really want to avoid reinstalling Itunes, I have way too many CDs takes for ever yo load them. Plus I borrowed a bunch from other people.