Pro Bowl in Miami in 2010


Sultan of Swat
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Wow, this is stupid, if players that made the Super Bowl were selected to play in the Pro Bowl I'd defenite refuse. There's no point of having it one week before the grandest stage of them all.


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It is one of the dumbest moves on the NFL's part.

Why the hell worry about the Pro Bowl? It means nothing but watching the fan favorites out playing a game.

They should be more worried about shortening the Preseason and lengthening the Regular Season.


A Darker Knight
yep. pretty dumb on the NFL's part. Maybe the players will get more monetary incentives because it'd be ironic if you didn't want to be selected to be in the pro bowl. It's like "oh, I know I'm good. thanks, but I'd rather prepare for the most important game of my life."


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I would like to point out I always thought having the pro bowl after the season was stupid but it was, in actuality, the only smart thing to do. At least once the season is over you have something to look forward to in the pro pointless as it might seem.

all you are doing now is putting people in line to get hurt before their team tries to win the championship. its dumb.