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Private (Public) Conversations?


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If you are bilingual+, do you often times talk with others who speak your secondary language(s) while out in public so others can't eavesdrop?

Do you talk about people behind their backs in another language and hope they don't know that language?

I think that would be fun. :lol:


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I never do, but it does happen a lot around this area.

As we are largely a bilingual country it is often assumed that the English speakers cant speak Welsh, but also forgotten that in recent years Welsh is a compulsory language to learn until the age of 16(end of school!) so even the English speakers have a good grasp of the language.

I remember going on a weekend away and on the car journey the then girlfriends(who's mother tongue was Welsh) conversed in Welsh the whole trip so us boys (who's mothers tongue is English) could not understand them. It was funny because through-out the weekend we kept dropping parts of their secret conversation back to them, it was not until a few days later that they clicked and realised we could understand them.:duh: They were so embarassed as some of the stuff was quite ...erm....intimate.:winkiss:

It can cause a lot of trouble at times, especially in pubs and other places where fights can evolve easily. Confrontations start because people talk and curse about one another in different languages unaware that there words can be understood.


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I've used English here, even when I'm talking to someone who can speak French, in several occasions. For example, instead of talking about something privately later, we could do it right away and not worry whether people who can hear us would understand. I also like pretending I don't speak French when there are advantages to being a tourist and when I enjoy listening to the people around me speak in French about me or my visiting tourist friends, and they think I don't understand them. That makes me laugh. It's also good to find out if I can still get a bargain when shopping!

I haven't used it to insult someone though or purposely exclude others. I know that some people who hear people use a foreign language are annoyed/paranoid because they think they're being insulted or talked about, haha.


I speak my mother tongue regardless if others can understand or not. In college barely anyone can understand it so I use it for private conversations.


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Guilty! I do it mostly to my mom's friends though because I don't like them. It was done to me one time though. I was a cashier at a retail store and the customer were chinese and they were buying something and the little kid was like I hope he doesn't know how much that thing cost to his dad. You know what I did? I asked for a price check and the dad was like forget, I don't want that. I guess they put a different sticker on the item to make the price cheaper. There are different dialects in chinese and the one that they spoke is not common at all and they thought I wouldn't know it.


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I'm not bilingual, but it'd be too risky to do that, unless you speak some really obscure language.

Especially with Spanish - there are so many native speakers, plus a huge number of people took multiple years of it in high school/college, and/or went on a trip to a Spanish speaking country for a couple months, or whatever.


For a Free Scotland
I'm surprised that so many couples still speak in Spanish (at a very regular volume in public places like airports), given that it's by far the most learned scholastic language in the country. Usually I only pick up snippets, but between that and cognates I can usually discern what it's about.

I do enjoy that most American tourists say very disparaging things about those around them, assuming that all foreigners can't speak English (despite its use as an auxiliary language).


Sally Twit
A couple of people did this on the bus the other day. I'm not sure what language they were speaking in. More people were staring at them when they switched languages than when they were gossiping away in English!


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If you are bilingual+, do you often times talk with others who speak your secondary language(s) while out in public so others can't eavesdrop?

Do you talk about people behind their backs in another language and hope they don't know that language?

I think that would be fun. :lol:
I hate that shit with a passion. It's such a dick thing to do. I remember going to a department store and I bought a shirt and some pants. The lady at the counter, a young woman of Spanish descent, decided to start gabbing to her fellow cashier. Problem was, I'm partially fluent in Spanish so I knew what was being said and it wasn't polite.


Lady 1: Look at these pants, what a loser.
Lady 2: Wow, yeah, what a faggot!

I'm not kidding. It's how the conversation went.

Me: Excuse me bitches, I speak Spanish. Please put those pants in a bag quick, I don't want crabs.

The first lady just stared at me and cussed under her breath as I paid and left. It was a fun experience to say the least.


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I'd be annoyed too Cons. You could have taught them a lesson by asking to speak with a manager. That's always fun until you find out this person IS the manager.

Then I guess you either go to the higher manager or just leave and knock down a rack of shirts on your way out. :lol: