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Privacy Filters


Sally Twit
At home or in work, do you use a privacy filter on your PC/Laptop?

I have a few friends that use them at home, but I don't.
One of my friends said her boyfriend watches porn while he's sat next to her sometimes and she doesn't even realise. :lol:

I use one at work. It's a gold one and it's pretty cool. I use it mainly for when I use the Internet on my lunch hour. I like to come on GF and don't want anyone at work to see. The last thing I want is to share my beloved forum with people I work with. ;)

Obviously anyone sat directly behind me will be able to see but I like to think they're sat too far behind to see what websites I am on. Who knows!


yellow 4!
uhhhhhh Amy, what's a privacy filter?

at first I thought you meant like software on the computer (kind of like safesearch on google) but after reading the rest of the OP, I'm confused.

OH, I just looked it up. have never ever seen that before, ha! that's pretty cool. I also found this semi-relevant picture, which amused me >>

Anyway, I wouldn't use one because I wouldn't want people to think I have something to hide haha.


Sally Twit
lmfao @ the picture

Well, just to be safe in case other people don't know what I mean.

It's these: