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Prison or Poverty?

Heres the late Poll, Make your selection

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it's pretty much been clear to me that I'd choose prison. I'd pick up an antique or something from a store and then purposely get caught and give it back and go to jail. There i'd be warm and able to eat, sleep and watch tv. I'd also be the type of guy to make friends with the police that patrol the jails. :)
i'd never do anything harsh such as murder to get in though


Well-Known Member
Obviously the living conditions in prison would be much better but I'd choose poverty.

I could never live with myself knowing that I did something bad enough to go to prison.

Prison isn't all great though, anybody here who has seen The Shawshank Redemption knows what I'm talking about, prison life can drive you insane, you're constantly doing the same thing every day and don't have a way to ever get out of it.

I would choose poverty and find ways for survival, yeah it would be terrible having nothing and constantly feeling like you're nothing but you'd have your freedom which is something that is very valuable.


Sally Twit
Poverty because I don't like the idea of being locked up just so that I had a bed to sleep in. I dread to think what it'd be like to be in prison and not have my freedom.
At least if I was homeless I could find a shelter/hostel and I wouldn't be trapped there. I'd be able to do a bit of begging if things were that bad.

As Anita said, I wouldn't want a criminal record either.


Poverty. I'm too pretty and too small to survive in jail. And not surprisingly, I'm not a big fan of man-rape. Ha.


New Member
Poverty. I am already broke with the doctors telling me not to work. But I VALUE my freedom. Freedom to roam and do as I like within legal reason


Registered Member
I was going to choose prison, 3 meals a day and a bed to sleep in and showers sounds good, but i voted poverty because i think i would make a pretty good homeless person and that way you have your freedom and you aren't doing the same routine every day. If no way to make money means no job then i would be fine, but if we werent aloud to beg or anything like that then i think it would be pretty difficult. Thats a tough one, if it were an actual choice i would have ot make i would need MANY more details to make a decision.


For a Free Scotland
I'd rather die than forfeit all my rights to authority.


Registered Member
I can't believe some people here picked prison just because of FREE BED!

I would pick poverty. Maybe I can find a way to live off the land and survive on my own terms? I would have freedom to go where I wanted.