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Prison or Poverty?

Heres the late Poll, Make your selection

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Poverty. I would just live at a homeless shelter or women's shelter. I couldn't stand being told what to do all day in a prison. And I'd go cuckoo in that little cell.


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I would probably go for poverty, you can always beg, steal and borrow, you never know you may even end up in prison!

I dont think I could handle prison to well, being told what to do and when to do it, having all those restrictions imposed on you. Poverty sucks but you still have freedom and with a little inginuity life could be made comfortable. There are two types of homeless person; one has despair in their eyes the other has contention. I think I could be the latter.


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Poverty. If it's just having meals and shelter (and that's why some chose prison), I know I can do that if I contact the agencies here that help people in poverty. Some homeless just choose not to accept it (it's their idea of prison too), but it's there. And I can also pick up strangers (if friends are out of the question) willing to pay for a meal or two, lol.


Ms. Malone

People wonder why criminals end up back in prison, but it's just like most of you have said, 3 meals a day, a bed and a roof over your head; i doubt you'd all be saying that if prison life was harder.


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Definitely a tough choice...one I wouldn't like to make that's for sure. After thinking about it though I'd have to pick Prison. It would suck not drink alcohol ;) but I rather stay alive then die by starvation. Yes they're things that might get you killed in prison, but I'd take my chances.


Son of Liberty
The more I look the more I realize I should have added a poll :hah:


Ok so I'm going with Prison.

Heres why, pretty much with nothing to tie me down I'd be able to just dissapear in my own Recluse-ness. Wouldnt talk to anyone wouldnt cause any trouble. I've talked to people who have been in the clink and they've said yeah its a nasty place to be in that will change your life forever no matter how serious your sentance is. But its not like the Movies make it out to be, most those guys in there wont f*ck with you unless you're a loudmouth or deserve it for some reason or another.

So I figure I'll probably just run over a few homeless people or something and land myself in there for a couple years via multiple vehicular homocide counts. Something not to over the top but enough to put me in for a decent amount of time.

From there I'll just wallow in my own self. Read books that I never took the time to read. Probably get some State Paid Penetentury College Degree :hah: but most of all I'd work out like crazy! I'd hulk out so hard nobody would recognize me when I got out.


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So I figure I'll probably just run over a few homeless people or something and land myself in there for a couple years via multiple vehicular homocide counts.
I wonder how many of those homeless people will be the GFers who chose 'poverty' :lol:

I agree with you though, prison would give a chance to do a lot of reading and a lot of thinking. Maybe too much thinking, however.


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I would have to choose poverty,there is no way I could cope with being the nick.
To many rules and regulations and knowing my track record I would spend my entire time in solitary.

Whereas being without money I could still survive,there are plenty of places to get food with a little no how.
you can pretty much go where you want and if you do need a real roof over your head there are shelter's or you could get picked up for a minor offense and spend the night in the drunk tank.


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Its a good bloody question. Just a few things that I would like to ask...

1. what offense would you have to do to get in jail?
For example, If it is rape, child abuse, murder etc... then I would opt for poverty.
For example, If it was tax evasion, GBH/assault for maiming/seriously injuring a child molester/aka a dirty beast, tossing a couple of shoes at George W bush (as long as I didnt miss)... then I would opt for the jail.

2. how long have you been sentenced for?
with the exceptions of question1.

1-3 months... jail.
3-11 months ... hard to say.... depends which one out of the jail / doss house gives you the bigger T.V.
12+ months ... poverty.

If I had to pick one then it would be poverty.