TV Prison Break

No one's mentioned this show as of late and I was surprised. When I first heard about it I thought it was gonna be some short-lived series about a prison escape, then I caught the first 2 episodes and got hooked.



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I was hooked after a few episodes as well. I love this t.v show, it's my favorite right now. The ending of every episodes leaves you thinking on what's going to happen next episode, then you have to wait one week to find out. I''m really hoping there going to continue these series for at least another three seasons. I'm pretty sure they can come up with some great storylines for this show.

I'm a big fan of the characters in this show, there's only a few that I hated, but the reason why I hated them is because they were dicks, but that's a good thing because it means your really into the show, which I am.

Do you know when the next season is going to start by chance?
They're already supposed to be working on season 4 now, but another 3 seasons? Geez how much do you think they could pull out?

I'd say Michael is my favorite character because he's a pure genius.

I got the whole 1st season on DVD.


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I think they can come up with a lot of creative things, there's so many possibilites with this series that can go for another three seasons.

Lincoln is one of my favorite because of his toughness and how he doesn't take any shit from nobody and I love when he fights.

T-Bag as to be my favorite character, I don't how they didn't use him a lot in the last season, but I see him getting a bigger role next season, just by the way it ended.

I cannot wait till it starts again, I've been waiting to see new episodes since it ended.
T-Bag is the perfect represenation of all the evils in society now and it's between him and Sucre for being the wittiest characters on the show.


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Funny, we were just watching this last night on TV.

I loved the first season. The second season was not as good. The third season is just being aired here and I've not fully watched it (except the first few episodes before the writer's strike). It seems to be much better than the 2nd season. I prefer to wait for the DVD release so I can watch it in English. I don't like dubbed movies (their French voices are terrible!) - I prefer watching in original version with subtitles.


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I loved the first season. Second season got pretty ridiculous, and I never watched any of the third season.
The third season was pretty surprising, considering all they had to deal with during the writer's strike. And to me, the second season was just as gripping as the first because the plot(s) got a little more complex.


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I loved every season, it gets better by the season in my opinion. So the fourth one should be extremely exciting. Every episodes you leave you wondering what's going to happen next, which is one of the main reasons I love this show so much. It's makes you sit on the edge of your seat.


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I really like the first season and hated the company in the 2nd season. I hope T Bag gets killed next season and wonder how Sucre is going to get out of jail. It was sad when Sarah died cause Michael owed her a steak dinner.

In my opinion, I think former President Reynolds and Kellerman will be back.