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~Prices are falling~


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi. I don't know if any of you collectors out there have noticed the prices in the collectible world are starting to drop..And by drop I mean Nose Dive!

The toy, comic and other markets are starting to fall..This is the time to buy those missing peices for your collections.

I have been following the rise and fall in collectible prices for the past 20 years.
Right now prices are at their lowest.

Good thing for collectors, a bad thing for sellers. By my figures it will take another 5 to 10 years for it to pick back up again..

So if you aare thinking abought selling off your collections, wait you will not even get what you put into them..
There aren't many collectibles that are holding their value right now.
This has to do with the economy and eBay..

That's right our favorite playground is partly responsible for the fall. When eBay went big it took the rareity out of the collectible world..

Now don't worry the prices will go back up. It might take a while..But they will go back up..So hold on to those collectibles for now.
It's a buyers market right now..

I'll keep you all posted on the changes.If you would like to know if your stuff is holding their value reply to this thread with what you have and I will let you know ASAP..
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I noticed similiar patterns, there are areas that are getting hotter however...Watch the hot list, I notice at auctions I attend people over paying for things..its crazy..
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