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Movies Price is Right fans?


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I know a lot of people who love to watch the Price is Right. I never could figure out what was so great about the show. I mean, Bob Barker was a great host for it, but, I always found the show so pointless.

Maybe I just don't like watching other people win prizes. I like shows like Survivor and Fear Factor but shows that fit more into the "classic game show" style never really did much for me.

With that being said, Bob Barker just filmed his last Price is Right episode last week. I think it will air on Wednesday this week but I am not sure.

Does anybody know if the show will be continued with a new host and if so, who it will be?


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I heard that they are going to continue the show but they have not announced a new host yet.

I am the same way, I have never really liked the show but I do remember watching it when I was little. When I stayed home from school sick. lol

that and soap opera's that my mother watched.


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They are going to continue it, without him. But he did say that if they did not have a host yet, by the time the new season was supposed to start, he would do it for a couple more months as a fill in.


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I liked watching some of the games on the show, but I haven't watched the show in years. Plinko was my favorite game. I liked the ones where there was some element of chance like that, rather than just people guessing prices.

If you haven't heard by now, Drew Carry was picked as Barker's replacement and is hosting the show now.


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I liked the Australian version. Man, it was so cool. But it suddenly disappeared. Hope to see it back soon.