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Alright guys, I want you to do a preview of your team, what I mean by that is tell me what went on the off season, the key additions to the team, what do you see happening to your team during the 06-07 season. Also please make an effort to make long and good. Also please don't copy it off another site.

Team: Toronto Raptors.

The Raptors made a lot of changes this off season. It all started when Brian Colagelo became the new General Manager for the Raptors at seasons end last year. He came with a good reputation. He was the Suns General Manager for a lot of years, and in recent years the Suns had great success. Mr. Colangelo wanted to start is own team, which meant trading players, signing free agents. He basically wanted to start from scratch, but keep a few current players at the same time.

It first started when they traded away Matt Bonner and Eric Williams for Rasho Nestorovich, which was a very good trade, because Matt Bonner is only shooter, he cannot do anything else, he has problems rebounding and passing, and dribbling. In Rasho you get a good center that can give you blocks and rebounds. You don't lose much in Eric Williams, because he didn't fit in this team. We also traded away Rafael Araujo for Kris Humprhies, which he has lots of potential, but never had playing time to show it. He's still a work in progress, but I am very happy we did this trade, because at least he has shown signs of becoming a decent player. For the seasons that Araujo has played with the Raptors he has shown no sign of improvement.

Now comes the draft as everyone knows we had the first pick overall and with that pick we selected the Italian Andra Bargnani, which he's compared the Dirk Nowitzky. He has a lot of developement to do, which will probably take him a couple of years to do. But they're willing to be patient with this kid, like I've mention he has lots of potential, and if he becomes like Dirk then that will be good news for the franchise itself. With our second pick 35th overall we got a steal in my mind, and other peoples mind, P.J Tucker, he's considered small at is position, but the man is a warrior, he's a tremoundous rebounder, especially on the offensive side, and he can score as well. Very good pick for that spot.

Now they had some money to spend, and they concentrated on John Salmons, we had him signed, but then something went wrong so the contract was cancelled. So instead of him we concentrated on Fred Jones, a very explosive player, but never had enough minutes in Indiana to show is potential. He's made to play in a run and gun offense, which the Raptors will be playing next season. Very good addition. They also signed Jorge Garbojosa, a very experience basketball player in Europe, he can shoot, rebound and unlike a lot of players coming from Europe he can defend. We also got a former MVP in the Europe league in Anthony Parker, he has already played in the NBA, but didn't do so good, then went to play in Europe where he excel, and the Raptors gave him a chance, he's going to be a very good player coming off the bench he'll give you a few points and rebounds, and he defends pretty well, very good addition to team. All these new additions will help a lot, in different ways.

Now Colangelo knew that he needed a good point guard to run is team, but he knew he couldn't really sign one, so he needed to give a good asset to get one, and that good asset was Charlie Villaneuva, which he had a very good rookie season. The trade was Charlie Villaneuva for T.J Ford, a very good Point Guard. A lot of people say that he's get injured to much, but he almost played a full season last year. He played 70 games. He's arguably the fatest player in the league, and I am sure that he'll help the team. The Raptors also been lacking on point guards for years.

Now everyone knows this team will go as far as Chris Bosh will take them, he's entering is fourt year, and each year he has improved. He's a capable 20-10 power forward. He has added a three point shot to is game, which will help him a lot, because not a lot of power forwards will go guard behind that line. We also have Mo Pete, a player who showed great signs last season, and I believe he will improve this season as well.

I believe it was a very good thing letting Mike James sign with another team, because he didn't really fit with our team last season, because he mostly played point guard, and shooting guard, and he took all the shots, which is not good, because the ball needs to be in Chris Bosh hands. He will not be missed.

I see this team in the Playoffs next season, maybe just making it, but I think they are good enough to make it. So far they've had a great pre season going 7-0. Hopefully this will continue, when it really counts.


Team: Phoenix Suns

Offseason - The Suns let their explosive scorer off the bench, Eddie House, leave via free agency, their lack of desire to resign him probably due to a horrific postseason performance, though he played well for most of the regular season and was the psuedo point guard at times when Nash was resting. They acquired Jumaine Jones as a better athletically though still streaky replacement from a scoring standpoint, and also picked up Marcus Banks, who can both score and provide some long needed decent back-up point guard minutes for Nash, plus he's the type of player that is likely to shine in the Phoenix offensive system. Some other probably minor additions were made in Sean Marks(a backup center a la Pat Burke) and Eric Piatkowski, a spot minute three-point shooting forward. Of course, the probable biggest impact move is the re-insertion of Amare Stoudemire into the Phoenix line-up, with Kurt Thomas also being a key return man.

Team Prognosis - Depends on Nash continuing his MVP level play without sustaining injury and the health of Stoudemire. Amare has shown flashes of his old self in preseason play, but has for the most part played tentatively. If he can be about 90% of the player he was, Phoenix can, and I think will win the title this year barring injuries. They have a better all-around team, with finally a real back-up point guard for Nash, a bigger, more athletic scorer replacing House in Jones, and an ever-improving Boris Diaw. If he cannot play at that level, Phoenix will make the playoffs and could maybe make the Conference Finals again, but go no further.


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Team:Miami Heat

Offseason-Well they might not have had the greatest offseason record but part of that was due to the fact that key players were not playing Wade, O'neal, and Haslem just to name a few, not to mention that J-Dub is out with a knee injury and wont be able to start the season. Coach Riley was able to test out a couple of young players some of which are playing for a roster spot. Chris Quinn(Brady Quinn's Brother If Im Not Mistaken) is an exceptional guard who I think can play at a high level in the NBA.

The defending champions, I see them being a contender for another championship they have brought back Zo their defensive powerhouse, Gary Payton their veteran gaurd. Jason Williams the playmaking point guard. They have the keys to winning another chamionship yes we all know that Shaq is nearing the end of his career but I believe as long as he can play he will be at his best. As long as teams are double Shaq in the paint their will always be an advantage on the heat part, Wade has emerged as one of the best players ing the NBA he as the ability to lead them once again to the promised land.


Team: New Jersey Nets

Overall we had a better offseason then we did for the past couple of years. Usually we get decent players from the draft and we sign some free agents that do good but dont make an impact. But this year in the draft we picked possibly the best point guard out of the draft. We also got a quick center in josh boone, who get provide energy and grab rebounds. We also got a high energy player who can hustle and dunk in Hasan Adams. We did also sign some free agents. For example Miki Moore, Eddie House, and Mile Illic. The most promising one for us is Eddie House because we havent had a 3 point shooter since kittles left 2 years ago. Miki should do decent maybe 4 points and 4 rebounds. Mile Illic can do good he is 7 foot 1 and he is like a mini Nenad Kristic in training.

For my predictions for us in the season. NOT to be in our favor but i expect either 1st or 2nd in the conference. And a trip back to the nba finals. I expect us to win it in 6 games aganist phoneix and carter will win finals mvp. During the season i expect us to win 54 games, with a record of 54-28. We will most defintely win the atlantic division. i hope for Vince Carter and Jason Kidd to go to the allstar game. and marcus williams and antoine wright to make the rookie challenge. I hope marcus williams can win 6th man of the year. and for vince to be in the mvp dicussion. also i hope that Lawerence Frank wins coach of the year. But realistically i predcit the nets to get at least to the eastern conference finals and at least to win 3rd in the east . but of course we will do better than that.


Team: 76ers

Offseason: To start things off, I'm one of those extremely biast Philly fans (we threw snowballs at Santa and proud of it damn it!). But even though I'm biast, I don't think I can pass of this last offseason as a "success". Whats his name...Andre Iguadala the 2nd...yes Rodney Carney was the only true addition to the team. Unfortuantely, he is way to much like high-flying Iggy with a little more defense. Barcelona was a good trip, unity and the first NBA team to lose in the offseason to a European team in almost 15 years. By-gones will be By-gones, and Allen Iverson is still here...well thats one thing I personally am happy about. Now to the season.

What will happen this season? Lets look at last season. Same stuff. We have a power forward with no knees (C-Webb), inconsistent shooting, and little to no defense. However, (extreme biasm alert) we still have Allen Iverson. He deserves an mvp trophy and a championship ring, but he won't get them here. Shame. If anything good will come this year, C Samuel Dalembert will try to block shots in front of the player he should be defending, Louis Williams will get more minutes, and Willie Green will evolve into the talent that he should have become last season.

Playoffs? They will come tantalizingly close to the playoffs (Phillies anyone) and miss it by a game or two. Pathetic.

Anything else. If you liked what I wrote or wanna duke it out over some disscussion, send a pm my way.


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Team: Detroit Pistons

Last season, the Pistons had the best record in the league, but like the Red Wings before and the Tigers after, their regular season success did not translate into a championship. Under Flip Saunders, Detroit was clearly a better offensive team than when Larry Brown was there. Problem was, the defense took a step back and it really showed in their series against the Cavs and Heat.

Obviously, the biggest move this offseason was Big Ben Wallace getting picked up by the Bulls. Joe D laid out his offer and Ben wouldn't go for it. The belief was that the Pistons weren't going to overpay for a guy who was such a liability on offense. In fact, as ridiculous as it sounds, Ben had a little riff with Flip over not being involved more in the offense. Detroit got Nazr Mohammed to replace Ben. He should provide more offense and play enough defense to keep the Pistons on the right track. Nazr has had success with the Spurs and Sixers, so he knows how to win. Detroit only had one draft pick and they took G Will Blalock from Iowa State. The Pistons also picked up Ronald "Flip" Murray to provide some needed depth.

Some people are a little down on Detroit this year with the rise of Miami, Chicago, and Cleveland. Keep in mind though, that Detroit still has 3 All-Stars from last year in Chauncey, Rip, and 'Sheed, plus Tayshaun, who could have and will be an All-Star. The key this year is the bench. Last year, the starters logged so many minutes that I think it wore them out come playoff time. Other than McDyess, no one else contributed in a significant way. Guys like Carlos Delfino and Jason Maxiell have to step up. Detroit might lose the division to Chicago or Cleveland, but I can't see them finishing worse than 2nd. I believe they will finish in the mid-50s in wins and be somewhere between 2nd and 4th overall in the conference. The Pistons' experience should get them into at least the Eastern Conference Finals. If they shoot the 3-ball like they did most of last year, get more help from the bench, and go back to playing D like they did in '04, Detroit will have a great shot at winning the NBA title.


Utah Jazz:

Offseason:They started by getting rid of Kris Humphries, who is a self-centered @$$hole who I'm glad to see gone. Arujo gives us some toughness/6 hard fouls. They also added Derek Fisher which gives them experience and clutch shooting. It'll be nice to have him backing up Deron as well as playing the 2 at times. Harpring was resigned which was a pretty big deal. Letting Mcleod and Pilacio walk was probably a good decision even though they played their hearts out the last year or two. The draft got them a good athletic swing man in Ronnie Brewer, a possible backup PG in Brown, and an absolute beast on the glass and possibly the steal of the second round Paul Millsap. I think that it was one of the best offseasons for the Jazz in recent memory.

With a healthy front court and Deron Williams looking much better than last year I think that the Jazz are going to unseat the idle Nuggets for the division crown this year. If they win the division they will get the 4 seed. They should be able to make it out of the first round if they get home court, but they may not b/c of experience.


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JazzNC that's the only think that your going to get out of Rafael Araujo that's fouls, he maybe will get you 2.2 ppg and maybe 3 rpg, that's even pushing it a bit, but he's most likely to average more foul per game and turnovers per games, then something that will give you a positive. I only see Jerry Sloan getting really angry at this guy and he'll be in the dog house in no time. From what I've saw in the pre season of Kris Humphries I rather have Kris then Rafael.


I know that Humphries has much more talent, he wasn't the #1 ranked power forward in high school for nothing. He's also the first freshman to post 20/10 in conference history when he was at Minnesota. I know all about the kids skills, but I also know how selfish he is on the basketball court. He chose Minnesota over Duke so he could get bigger individual achievments. That should tell you alot. He just doesn't have a team mindset. He could get a revival in Toronto which is what is good about the trade, both players get a fresh start. Humphries will be away from Jerry Sloan, which wasn't the coach for him, and Hoffa won't be expected to put up 20/10 every game and get booed all the time. I think it's good for both sides.


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We didn't expect him to get 20 points and 10 rebounds a game, all we ask was him to get rebounds and get a few blocks. But all we got was fouls and turnovers. Also each time he got the ball down low he did the worst thing a player could do is hesitate. Which cause him to travel, which led to a lot of turnovers. Now Humphries knows is role here in Toronto, he will come off the bench maybe give us a few points and rebounds which will be good, but what we want is hustle and defense. Which is a lot more that we got from Hoffa.