Choose Your Pretzel!

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Son of Liberty
For lunch yesterday I bought a 1 pound bag of Rold Gold Mini-Pretzels and I have to say you just cant go wrong with these bad boys. Mind you the 1 pound bag wasnt all I had for lunch and it will in fact last me about 2 weeks, but thats beside the point.

I got to thinking as I was sitting here eating my disfigured pretzel that resembled Buddha... Which is the best Pretzel form? Loops or Sticks?


I dont want to get into debating whats the best pretzel because eventually that leads into the type of lye bread and where they are from and how they are aged and how they are glazed and how much salt, what kind of salt what kind of oil what kind of yeast, etc etc blah blah etc.

So for the time being... Its Sticks vs. Loops... which do you prefer?
What's with the exclamation marks hahaha

Can I pick one even if I've never tried either? :hah: Loopy ones look nicer and more like my idea of what a pretzel should be.

Do they taste different or is it purely appearance?


Son of Liberty
Its purely mental. Technically they are made of the same exact thing... but usually when it comes to me... I'll eat the sticks before I'll eat the Loops. I dont know why, I just prefer them that way :hah:

whats with the exclamation points? Well for craps sake... they're PRETZELS!!!!!!!!!

how can you not say pretzel at the end of a sentence and not shout it?!?!?!


Sally Twit
I have only ever liked the chocolate covered pretzels you used to be able to get here years ago. For some reason they stopped making them. It was back when I was in school they'd be in the vending machines.
Oh I'm choosing loops because when someone says "pretzel" that is what they are to me. I've never even heard or seen before now, the stick pretzel.
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I go for either or. Look for the yogurt covered pretzels now Bliss. We keep them in our gift shop here at the hospital and they are yummy.

I think I tend to buy the sticks more so though probably because you can shove more in your mouth at a time?


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While loops have become the celebrated iconic shape of a pretzel, I have to say that sticks are by far the more efficient design for snacking. Loops are only functional when you're purchasing pretzels that are of the not-store-bought homemade variety.

Rold Gold loops, however, are a particularly good sort, and surpass many competing stick brands.


Sultan of Swat
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This thread reminds me of a saying Kramer said in Seinfeld. "These pretzels are making me thirsty"

Personally I prefer the loops but won't complain if I get the stick ones. I just believe that the loops are better for some reason, I know it's odd to say but I truly do. I've never tried the bigger stick pretzels, I usually only eat the smaller ones.
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What can I say... I like the sticks....

The regular shaped pretzel ones are nice, but I'd much rather the sticks.