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Pretty drunk.



Teckademics8: happy st patties day
swsephy: haoppy st cpattys fdya man!
Teckademics8: my mom is gone while im doing work so she isg etting some hsit frmo taco bell
Teckademics8: imf ucing wasted fufde
swsephy: dude taco beel it sht emother fucking shit
Teckademics8: fjuciku fucking wasted i had like 39 shots
swsephy: gcuk no you fidint
Teckademics8: fuick i
Teckademics8: i had lik fcuing 3 shots
Teckademics8: ad liek3 9 beers
Teckademics8: my neighboros had a baprty
Teckademics8: and i wen tout here for ahwile and god shitfaed
swsephy: oifhg'lekhb
swsephy: wtpbho
Teckademics8: ,.,fg.kaorlapdgma
swsephy: duidu yorys o funy
Teckademics8: ola im aouging so hardits hjalrious
swsephy: zhhshahsha
swsephy: dude sudd you see thihds dhit http://www.teckademicseast.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17509
Teckademics8: ahthsit awes kcrayz i was luaghnis ohar dlol i shti
swsephy: hwta ddi you sit say
Teckademics8: df;['p[
Teckademics8: yvjkomhl
swsephy: hahsh whaT
Teckademics8: hjaha
Teckademics8: im laughin so hard
Teckademics8: gaga
swsephy: ahshhha
swsephy: replyt ot that thrwad so u knwo tyou slooked at it
Teckademics8: ool send he linki odn tkanw aht fucjk
Teckademics8: lol aiw as scared was thcignsaw2 it wa scayer
Teckademics8: ijf uckinghsi tm ypants
swsephy: dud reply to this lintk thiot aw3as awweosme the hightlight od my dyay http://www.teckademicseast.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17509
Teckademics8: ;p;tjat o ejat kik
swsephy: didy ou tepley to it
swsephy: /
Teckademics8: iuts
swsephy: lemem check it out
Teckademics8: jliayrgh
Teckademics8: fucking mathfdsa
swsephy: hah i likt the reply thet awesoem
Teckademics8: fucking (34)_x39x_
Teckademics8: hels pme?
swsephy: whgar
Teckademics8: rawr?!
swsephy: 23g
Teckademics8: lol fuckigg ncats got a bthfc dotad fuckin SOAKDED the auffkicn glfoor
swsephy: your catd rare panfac
Teckademics8: hahaaar
Teckademics8: iw as luaghin sohard
swsephy: no sus ei was laufghin so hard it hiutrs ahahha
Teckademics8: ldkldkkkkskddksj
swsephy: it do craxy cause i can sorta undertsand what you are sayang
Teckademics8: jajj
Teckademics8: kikik
swsephy: and to think i gotta 2hqw up early cause of autto eexpo 5o take oictie. im gonan feel tso bad taking pictuees tomorow
Teckademics8: fuck tahts ifugonam an
Teckademics8: im ufkcing so aewste im tating fo this sufkcing offood im so gukcin ghunry but this bitfslfshit it ufckin
swsephy: xjajujujjujjuujuuju
Teckademics8: lolokkollo
Teckademics8: gufcking 34954x2390???
Teckademics8: je;;a me im fucking sdoin schoolw rok
Teckademics8: ai need help aelse ?>me?!?
swsephy: whtd o youbneeed heok with//
Teckademics8: jfuckingmatalbraf
Teckademics8: aljhag abra
Teckademics8: it slike fuckign divisointimes 30
Teckademics8: and w aslike shit i neda dfuckign btich
Teckademics8: akduck
swsephy: i wna a bitch, mm sor horby
Teckademics8: wtf u cuking was goad fuck u fucking ahnds and jsutj sue fuclng ltiojn toa wjfack fo ru aboejpnsio
swsephy: ddeu wnehatever. goge tha headbageh for sometbign
Teckademics8: ffuc i go my yoo
Teckademics8: dao im gonan go ewat snad sufonhome
Teckademics8: so ijakl etalk toy oulater peace out
Teckademics8: toi
Teckademics8: k
swsephy: peeace out man. im tired aneyay and i gotta go to bed cause i gottta shwake uo easyrly
Teckademics8: ight peae cepob itch
Teckademics8: ajitalk u tomorrow
Teckademics8: peace
swsephy: <..44m
swsephy: Smile

Man. that was funny.



swsephy: <..44m
swsephy: Smile

what was that about?



dude, thats great, i'v been there before, its the best lol


lol haha lmao and the whole bit...yep i wish i saved some of my logs =\


[Blur said:
lol haha lmao and the whole bit...yep i wish i saved some of my logs =\
it was hard to find them but heres a cuple of mine

this one is with my friend justin who i thought was my friend joe the whole time

*********** (10:21:00 PM): yo did u guys drink
BarFootBoards (10:21:42 PM): they dud a kiltttle
BarFootBoards (10:21:47 PM): im so fuckin drunk
*********** (10:22:01 PM): cool
BarFootBoards (10:22:09 PM): fuck yeah its cioool
*********** (10:22:52 PM): ya
BarFootBoards (10:22:59 PM): haHAHAAH'
*********** (10:23:27 PM): u with any1
BarFootBoards (10:24:10 PM): no ... holy shiti thopught u were joe
*********** (10:24:27 PM): oo

now heres the same night but this time its actualy joe

BarFootBoards (10:22:40 PM): yooooo msn\
************* (10:23:32 PM): yoo
BarFootBoards (10:23:51 PM): heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy'
************* (10:25:11 PM): whats goin onn
BarFootBoards (10:34:57 PM): nuthing rreealy
************* (10:39:23 PM): my knuckles are killen me lol i fell on them
BarFootBoards (10:39:36 PM): hahahahahahahah
BarFootBoards (10:39:50 PM): im, so drunk hahahahaa
************* (10:39:57 PM): hah
************* (10:40:05 PM): u get passed ur mom n shit ok
BarFootBoards (10:40:32 PM): omg she started talking to me from her bed
BarFootBoards (10:40:42 PM): i was freaking out indise but played it kool
************* (10:40:58 PM): nicce good
BarFootBoards (10:41:07 PM): yeqahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh]
BarFootBoards (10:41:07 PM): \
BarFootBoards (10:41:12 PM): jajaajaj
************* (10:41:55 PM): i feel like tokin n hangin with sum fucking girls dude lol
BarFootBoards (10:42:28 PM): hoooooolyshit me2
BarFootBoards (10:42:31 PM): u got weed?
************* (10:42:44 PM): nah i wish unless id be tokinm
BarFootBoards (10:42:53 PM): fruck yeah
BarFootBoards (10:43:01 PM): get sum bitches dude!!!!!!!!!!!!111
************* (10:43:09 PM): im tryin hahahah
BarFootBoards (10:43:12 PM): lol
BarFootBoards (10:43:22 PM): im soooooooooooooooooooo fucked
************* (10:43:31 PM): im pretty drunk too man
BarFootBoards (10:43:33 PM): u hagve no idea\
************* (10:44:15 PM): my body hurts tho how many times did i fuckin fall lol
BarFootBoards (10:44:48 PM): lol hahahah i cant remember but i feel great[
************* (10:45:02 PM): lucky ass i want sum more combos
BarFootBoards (10:45:04 PM): like at least 3 tinmes'
BarFootBoards (10:45:20 PM): ooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmggggg i want combos lol
************* (10:45:33 PM): right in the middle of mermaid hahaha (mermaid is a street name)
BarFootBoards (10:45:45 PM): whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
************* (10:45:46 PM): sucks that erich didnt drink tho man
BarFootBoards (10:45:51 PM): wheres a mermaid
BarFootBoards (10:45:58 PM): i know
BarFootBoards (10:46:03 PM): he never does
************* (10:47:23 PM): tru kinda sucks .. the old erich woulda been wasted as hell
BarFootBoards (10:48:04 PM): fuuuuuuuuuuck yeah like nme
************* (10:48:33 PM): i cant even belieeve im typin right now lol
BarFootBoards (10:49:12 PM): meeeeeeeeeeeeee toooooo lol
BarFootBoards (11:00:24 PM): i teryed to sleep
BarFootBoards (11:00:31 PM): but i threwup
************* (11:00:47 PM): oh god
************* (11:00:56 PM): u okay man
BarFootBoards (11:01:30 PM): y

this is some chick from my study hall (btw these are all fromt he same night lol)

BarFootBoards (10:22:51 PM): hery
********** (10:22:56 PM): hey
********** (10:23:02 PM): what's up?
BarFootBoards (10:23:04 PM): sup
********** (10:23:08 PM): nothing much, you?
BarFootBoards (10:23:08 PM): nm u
********** (10:23:13 PM): lol :p
BarFootBoards (10:23:13 PM): haha
BarFootBoards (10:23:34 PM): :Dnuthin o g otta pee sop bad\
********** (10:23:43 PM): then go??
********** (10:27:06 PM): brb
BarFootBoards (10:34:32 PM): hly crap i said that to u
BarFootBoards (10:34:37 PM): i didnt even know
BarFootBoards (10:34:43 PM): laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaater bud
********** (10:34:55 PM): wow, ok. you're insane!
********** (10:35:18 PM): bye!
BarFootBoards (10:36:33 PM): nooooooooooooooooim not im drunk, theres a difference
********** (10:36:42 PM): oh jesus
BarFootBoards (10:36:59 PM): jesus is right haha
BarFootBoards (10:37:13 PM): omg how did i tpe hT

and heres a convo with panik100 form here at central

BarFootBoards (10:17:31 PM): yoooooooooooo
BarFootBoards (10:17:39 PM): i am si fucking drunk
BarFootBoards (10:17:44 PM): u haave no idea
SetoKaibaWins (10:17:47 PM): yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
BarFootBoards (10:18:03 PM): n io man
BarFootBoards (10:18:15 PM): u realy haver no i dea
SetoKaibaWins (10:18:24 PM): nooooooooooooooooooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii dontttttttttttttttttttttttt
BarFootBoards (10:18:49 PM): fuck right
BarFootBoards (10:18:53 PM): u dont
SetoKaibaWins (10:24:14 PM): so what happened
SetoKaibaWins (10:24:26 PM): and if you're drunk, you can't be at home
BarFootBoards (10:36:03 PM): i am soooo fuking hm e nd drunkl like u wpuldnt believe
SetoKaibaWins (10:38:27 PM): so nobody's home
BarFootBoards (10:39:00 PM): no odys homeat u hioase?! ... or no ones home at my house?
SetoKaibaWins (10:39:15 PM): ur house
BarFootBoards (10:39:57 PM): si
SetoKaibaWins (10:40:11 PM): how are you gonna hide from your mom
BarFootBoards (10:49:39 PM): shes sleeping
BarFootBoards (10:49:46 PM): hahahaa lucky me

thats about it i can find, i reformated my computer so i lost alot of them, but thats the night that got me grounded for quite a bit =/


hm.. the most important thing i learned.. NEVER TYPE WHEN DRUNK -.-


[Blur said:
lol haha lmao and the whole bit...yep i wish i saved some of my logs =\
Krus. we need to start saving our conversations.

Anonym0uz Bitch

I've never had a problem typing when drunk, it really isnt that hard, most people I know dont have a problem with it either, maybe a typo here and there, but nothing really so horrible you cant read it.


well the above conversations is how i type, but i was liek seriously wasted that night


Forum Drifter
I was pretty wasted. When I get really drunk, I don't concentrate on the keyboard. I get "lazy fingers" and just throw them down on the keys. Plus the keyboard is moving which doesn't make it any easier...