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Discuss Pretending to be busy


Sally Twit
Sometimes when I am at work there is absolutely nothing for me to do. It's quite concerning really. It doesn't happen every hour of the day but I do at least have an hour a day where there is no work I can do. If this happens I'll just open an already completed spreadsheet and click around so that nobody sees and says something to my manager.

How about you? Does your job keep you constantly busy?


rainbow 11!
Ha! sometimes when it's like the last twenty minutes of my shift, I get anxious and can't work. so I try to look busy to try make the time go by. I will walk things up from the front to the back of the store, grab reshops and sort them out, help guest services or try to look like I'm working. it's funny because when that happens, my manager usually praises me. so I guess I do a good job of pretending to work, but suck when I'm actually working.


There are lots of times at work when there is nothing to do. I usually try to look busy by rearranging the drink fridge, cleaning things again etc but sometimes I just lean against the wall and watch TV until my boss tells me off.


My job is dead a lot of the times, so I usually have to pretend to be busy when the boss shows up. If he's gone, I don't care & I just go downstairs & read. Ha.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I think everyone does it from time to time. I try not to do it because it doesn't look professional, especially if you get caught at doing.

That said, I used to do it all the time at my part time jobs at retail stores and grocery stores, especially like Kay, there was nothing worse then when you had 30 minutes left to go at a retail store.


lolol if there's nothing I can do then I open office emails in the background and if anybody passes by (especially my boss) I'll switch to the emails page and pretend like I'm searching for new emails.
To my boss, these emails are very important so when I tell him that I'm having a look at the emails I know he thinks I'm working hard to make sure I catch everything in time.

To be honest, out of 8 hours at work, 2-3 there is nothing to do when he's away from the office. So I either surft/chat on GF or I read any book.


Creeping On You
Working in a factory, there are a lot of times like that. Sometimes there aren't many parts to work on and you have to make what you have last the day. Otherwise if you finish too fast, you have nothing to do. I've mastered the art of making my work take longer, or looking like I'm hard at work even though I'm doing literally nothing. My favourite thing to do is grab a broom and sweep super slowly. So if the supervisor walks around the corner, it looks like that's what I'm doing lol. Meanwhile I've actually jsut been staring at the clock.


I ♥ Haters
Yep, I do. I usually get an hour everyday where I have nothing to do at all. Usually, I'll just surf GF or Cracked during that time, but just to be on the safe side, I keep a folder of invoices open infront of me and as soon as I start hearing footsteps nearby, I'll start to shuffle through them like I'm doing something really important..


Registered Member
Sometimes, when Im doing a job at work, it will last me right to the last minute. Sometimes I will finish a job off about half an hour or so before I finish. If thats the case then I dont bother starting a new job because I wont end up finish it before my shifts over. However, if my manager knows that I have finished my job this early and have nothing to do, he will insist I start another one. So I have to make myself look busy. I will tap away at my computer screen when I see him walk pass, even though Im not even doing anything. Sometimes Ill do the last part of my job and finish it off really slowly to long it out, which makes me look like Im still doing something. Other times Ill just drive around on my truck and make sure Im out of his sight.