"pretend beat the shit out of the previous poster thread".


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Kaz gave me the idea.

The title is simple

"pretend beat the shit out of the previous poster"


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Hiding in the trees behind her prey, Himeko prepared herself to jump him. She wiped the sweat off of her brow and licked her lips. She charged out from behind the trees, swinging her sword at him. Surprised, he stumbled backwards and fell on the ground. Reacting quickly, she used the flat side of her sword to hit the side of his knee. His face twisted in pain and he grasped his knee. He tried to kick at her with his other leg, but she jumped back before he could land it. A small grin graced her lips before she ran back into the trees.

Woo. Beat the shit out of you roleplay style. :p


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Just as Kazmarov attacked Himeko, I appear out of the shadow with a huge mallot at hand. A glint of evil appears in my eyes as I pull it back over my head smirking at my prey as the attack is unknown to him. With strength unknown to the common man I swing the mallot and hit Kazmarov straight in the back, sending him into the night sky, he is seen as a bright star falling as he sails though the night sky. Laughing I get onto my motorcycle riding into the starry horizon.

I use to roleplay alot, so I'm happy that ya made this thread Alex cause I haven't done this in awhile^^;


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For a role player you should have known that rearing a mallot over your head and striking a blow to someone's back would drive them into the ground, or be a glancing blow at best.



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Well I like imagining things and bending the fact of reality abit.....srry^^;

Let's just think outside of the box on that one >>;


rainbow 11!
Himeko appeared behind Hoosier and pulled her arm back, her hand balled into a fist. With all of her strength, she hit him in the shoulder, making him lose his balance and falling to the ground. "Who's your daddy now?"

Sorry, I couldn't resist. xD