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I'm pretty sure there are women in this forum who have been pregnant. Just wanted to know about your pregnancies, particularly in the first couple of weeks. Did you have any symptoms and if so, what were they?


still nobody's bitch
Do you think you might be pregnant, Milo? Feel free to PM me if you want.

I knew right away. My cycle is very regular and I was late, so I did a test the day after I should have started. I was also pretty tired. I had a little bit of nausea, but I never threw up. Oh and my boobs got even bigger than they already are.


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The only thing that gave it away for me was a late period and my boobs were more tender than usual but other than that, there was no indication until I did a pregnancy test.
A lot of women say they 'just know' but tbh I never knew whether I was or wasn't till I took the test.
The symptoms are unique though- it does vary from woman to woman.

My pregnancy was pretty straight forward except headaches and migraines at the 20 week stage and my baby was born a day early a healthy 6lb 5oz.


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I've had three pregnancies. The most obvious symptom is lack of period (I'm regular). Next is feeling drowsy and tired in the first few weeks. For my first pregnancy my breasts were so sore I thought I was having cancer and had a medical appointment for that. For all my pregnancies, the first few weeks also gave me that morning sickness, which is not limited to mornings, really. Nausea...ugh.


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Truth be told, I don't rightly remember *haha*
I'm 48 now, and I have 4 children...all by c-section....but I honestly can't recall "how" I felt during those early months.
It seems like forever since I was pregnant....my children are ages 32, 31, 29 and 26....so it has been awhile.
I can remember my boobs filling up with milk and hurting like hell tho :shocked:


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My wife threw up all over the place. we even feared she had hyperemesis. Really bad. And then we discovered acupressure.


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Heartburn, major heartburn. And I knew the moment I conceived so when I was a week late I could hardly wait to confirm it with the doctor. I thought that he would just do a simple pee on the stick pregnancy test but I also got a pelvic confirmation, that kinda blew the bliss of the moment.
If you are pregnant make sure your partner goes to the ultrasound with you. And gives good back rubs.
Also if you don't plan on having more kids and have a c-section you can have your tubes tied all in one shot after you have the baby.

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful things I've experienced. The baby moving is very cool and the strength of the female body is amazing.