Preferred method of transport/travel?

Preferred method of transport/travel?

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What would you say is your favourite method of transport/travelling?

I'm sure it would depend on where you are going and how long it will take to get there, but generally which way do you like to travel best, or which method do you think is a cut above the rest?

Also which transport do you use most times you need to get somewhere, or that you use on a daily basis?

Personally, I like to travel on trains, I'm not sure why, maybe because where I live you don't really need/get the chance to go on trains that often. Not a lot of people choose the train as an option where I live. I like how taking a train can be fast and comfortable. Although train won't be good if you are going somwhere like China!

I travel by car 90% of the time though.
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Of the above, I have used:
  • Walking
  • Bike
  • Car
  • Trains
  • Ferry (on the way to and from a trip to France. :D)
I've also been on a motorbike, but didn't count because it was a motorcross bike, and not something I've ever used as a travel option. I've also used buses quite a bit in my time, though that's not up there. :p

The method I use most on a day-to-day basis though, is walking. I walk pretty much everywhere I need to go, because almost everywhere I need to go is within walking distance. :hah: After that, I would say car - I don't drive myself, but rather as a passenger.


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Short distances (less than 4-5 hours), I like to travel by car, and I prefer driving over being a passenger. Longer distances then I like to fly. Train services are pretty much non existant, and the buses make the journey twice as long. Most of the time I will use my car to get places though.
It's a tough choice between car and train. I really love long car journeys, but I also enjoy train rides on my own, especially if the carridge is pretty empty.

So I guess if I'm travelling alone, train is my favourite. If I'm with people, it's car. I'll vote train.


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Depends the distance really, but I mostly use buses these days. Train to get to the city, bus to get to the Plaza, or I might my bike to mates', leave the bike there and walk from there.


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If I can, I would drive a car. That would be my first method of transportation. If I travel over seas, then it would be a plane and I pray that it doesn't crash and that the pilot would be the one that crash landed in the hudson river.


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No bus for the specified options? Or is it because you call them cars, haha.

Short trips: walk, bus
Long trips: train, plane

Cars are ok if my target place isn't that accessible by public transport, or when traveling with the kids.


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I like trains the best because they remind me of being younger, looking out the window on my way to a nice destination with my parents. I went on a lot of holidays on the train as my dad is scared of flying so we never went abroad.
I also love trains because I think of London going on the underground. Sure it can be horrible on the underground at times but at least there's something amazing waiting at the other end - when you're in London anyway.