Sultan of Swat
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What are your thoughts on players making predictions?

Some have been right, Joe Namath predicted that they would win Super Bowl III.

But others have been wrong.

Jimmy Rollins said that the Phillies would win against the Yankees in five games. It's going into the sixth game and the Yankees currently lead the series 3-2.

Personally I am not a fan of Predictions, I love it though when other teams that my team plays against makes them, because that gives them so much motivation. The first thing that the coach should do when his opponent makes a prediction, he should take that printed article (or just write it on the board) so every player can see it because they take the field, court, ice ect.

I dont have a problem when someone is confident in their team, but making predictions before the series starts/game is pretty stupid in my opinion.



Ess Tii Eph Yu
I think predictions are fun but that's all they are good for. I never take them very seriously, especially my own.


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I like making them before a season but as far as players doing it before games I dont really like it. Just makes them come off as cocky and arrogant.


Son of Liberty
I believe that Players making predictions has impacts that we as fans cant fully grasp. Take for instance Mark Messiers "we're going to win it" guarantee in the 1994 playoffs against the New Jersey Devils.

Some could say thats an arrogant move... but then again, think of the spark that his "guarantee" provided. His team was down 2 games to 3 heading into a possible elimination during the 6th game against the arch rivals. His teammates had to have been sooo depressed staring down the barrel of that one... then to have him make that Bold Guarantee and then keep the promise by scoring like a madman himself, the Rags took that series and ended up winning the Stanley Cup that year.

I think its big moments in history like that that will define the great leaders, Namath and Messier moves like that are almost Patton like Morale boosters to lead their teammates into war so to speak.

Although I hate to see everyone making predictions and guarantees, I do love to see a solid leader step up when his team needs that boost and put his ego on the line like that.