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Alright I've decided to start this new game. You guys give me your predictions, tell me the teams that will make the playoffs for the Eastern Conference, and the teams in the Western Conference.

Then we will take those teams and will pretend that it's playoff time and the number one team faces the eight place team, then will do that till we get two conference champions then those teams will face each other for the title?

So give me predictions.


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For now ill do west:

San Antonio
Los Angeles Lakers (Kobe is determined, and hes ready and having an upgrade at PG is considered an improvement)
Warriors (only cause they a local team, im cheering for them)

so basicly its the same west playoff teams as 06-07


Eastern Confrence
1.Chicago-The Young Bulls are slowly getting older and growing together. Between Hinrich, Deng, Gordon and Duhon is one of the better backcourts in the league. Big Ben is declining but is better than average on the defensive end, which is what the Bulls need him for. Drafting Noah could be a great choice to complement Thomas and Nocioni. They also added Joe Smith which adds to there team depth. First in the East and more than likely the confrence finals.
2.Boston-Paul Pierce is happy, Kevin Garnett is happy, Ray Allen is happy, boy Doc Rivers must be happy. The big three might take some time to get use to playing together so I wouldn't expect a right out the gate run but once the season gets going and they get use to it watch out opponents. Perkins and Allen I am assuming are the others on the court which isn't really that bad, also Big Baby Davis could come in and give them some good minutes. I don't expect to much right away but if they are healthy come playoff time I expect no less than a finals appearence.
3.Detroit-The Pistons will do what they do and play as a team. Billups needs to play well all year long as they will probably go as far as he can take the team. They are good on the defensive end, and there offense is good but they need a low post threat. That means Rasheed and McDyess need to step up there scoring.
4.Toronto-There team did not change really at all. The addition of Kapono is a nice feature to the team but I don't think he will be able to hit the threes at the clip he did last year. Bosh will have a career year and will keep improving along with Bargnani improving so should the Raps. They will be hard pressed to get more wins than last year but they will be competing for home court in the first round and should beat out the surge from others and hold on too 4th in the East.
5.Orlando-How will Lewis and Howard play together? They should complement each other well enough but they need help from Jameer Nelson and Turkoglu as well. Arroyo and Dooling should challenge Nelson for minutes. Redick will probably get more minutes not that Hill is in Phoenix. They also need to find minutes for Ariza who can play at a high tempo that can help get the team going. They should make the playoffs but it rests mostly on Lewis and Howards shoulders.
6.New Jersey-Magloire I have never been a fan of but he is an improvement over last year in the post. I like there draft choice (Sean Williams) who I felt could have been chosen higher. If Krstic is healthy the Nets could do keep up with almost any team. I also expect Marcus Williams to play more minutes this year which should help to keep Kidd healthy. Vince needs to be hungry and lead this team deep in the playoffs, as much as Mr. Triple Double in the playoffs was good they will only go as far as Vince will take them.
7.Washington-If Arenas, Butler and Jamison stay outta the doctors office this team will make the playoffs. If not then I don't think they can hang on with there lack of depth everywhere. Daniels played well last year and Haywood and Stevenson are decent but they cannot bring the teams the wins that Arenas, Butler and Jamison will get.
8.Miami-How much Diesel does the Diesel have? 35 minutes/game for 70+, then you just might have a good Heat team. Although only 6 times in his 15 year career has he played more than 70 so I wouldn't bank on that. Once Wade fully recovers from his shoulder injury they can win on his back. Wades supporting cast is very Cavs like, Williams, Walker and Smush don't put fear in opponents. Mourning does sometimes and will give good minutes when Shaq gets injured. Hardaway is a question mark, could come in an shoot the lights out or he could just be there taking smarter shots than Walker but hitting at the same clip, only time will tell. Unless the Heat get Wade a sidekick, or a 82 game Shaq don't expect too much.
9.Cleveland-Finals to outta the playoffs, will LeBron let that happen? Let's get this outta the way. LeBron will average a insane points/rebouns/assists total like always and bring the Cavs games they shouldn't even be in. Can he bring them back to the finals with the same teamates. If Gibson improves and keeps pace like he was playing in the playoffs, Z picks up his share of the scoring and Hughes stays healty and reverts back to Wizards form don't expect much, they will challenge for the playoffs but will lose out to the Heat.
10.Atlanta-They drafted Al Horford over Conley in the draft, although they did grab Law later in the round. He is a good PG and will have a good career but he will not be able to contribute on the level Conley would have been able to. With Marvin Williams still improving the Hawks will keep relying on JJ to score and dish and do everything he can. The Hawks might put together some good winning streaks throughout the year but with Law and Horford learning the ropes I wouldn't expect too much. Smith will be a beast and bring the energy to the court for the team.
11.Milwaukee-Yi signed a contract with apperntly guarenteed minutes, now I don't know how many minutes he will get, but the longer he is on the court the longer the Bucks will be in the bottom of the East. At least for this year. Redd can keep them in games and Bell is a decent guard but Bogut needs to improve.
12.Philadelphia-Andre Miller and the other AI are a good combo and if Korver can hit lots of shots consistently and Dalembert stays healthy this team could play its way into a playoff spot. But I do not see those last two things happening. This could just be a year to get the rookies some playing time for 76ers.
13.Charlotte-JRich on the Cats could mean big things. If Wallace, May and Okafor don't get injured they would have a good starting 5, with Felton being the 5th now that Knight has left. Felton needs a better shot selection as well he needs to cut down on his turnovers. Wright, there first round selection should give some good minutes off the bench and there still is that Adam Morrison guy who has potential to improve and get minutes of his own. The Cats won't make the playoffs but they will next year that is for sure and probably a couple years after that as well.
14.New York-New York, New York it's a hell of a town. It all rests on Q-Rich, David Lee, Curry and possibly Marbury who needs to just keep his mouth shut and pass the ball. I don't know what to say about the Knicks, not good? Curry can score, Lee can rebound...who plays defense? Another bad season by NY Finest.
15.Indiana-The Pacers will have a year they will want to forget. O'Neal will more than likely be traded as he will not want to be part of this bad team. Granger will continue to improve and be a lone bright spot. Tinsley will do his thing but it won't be enough.

Western Confrence
1.Dallas-Last year they ran away with the #1 spot. I can see it happening again this year. Dirk and the rest of the Mavs will have a lot to prove that the playoffs was just a fluke. I expect them to start real fast out of the gate but I don't expect as many wins as last year. As Dirk/Howard go the team goes.
2.Phoenix-This is under the assumption that Marion is on the team come game 1 of the regular season. If not they will fall behind Utah and possibly even Denver. More surgery for Amare can't be good but from what I heard it shouldn't affect him at all. Nash will continue to pass through and around everyone, I do expect his scoring to fall slightly and the Suns need to keep him healthy and not fatigued.
3.San Antonio-The Spurs will do what the Spurs do play D, they will play like a team and they will win. I don't know what else to say, I love watching these guys play, why couldn't I have been a Spurs fan all these years?
4.Houston-Yao/T-Mac/Battier is a playoff team. Add some Dikembe for back up. Mix some Alston/James/Head. Sprinkle some question marks like Francis/Sura/Wells and you have a playoff team that could dominate or have no team chemistry at all. T-Mac busts in the first round or goes to the Confrence Finals.
5.Utah-The Jazz will play each game close with everyone. They are another team that night in and out can match anyone. They have most of the pieces to the puzzle, Brewer/Almond/Giricek as there SG in my opinion is there only weakness. AK47 could stay and play for a winner or he might go. They need to get a SG/SF back for him that can contribute now or else they might slide a bit.
6.Denver-K-Mart being back just means less shots for AI and Melo. Iverson needs to learn to play more like a pass first PG and take shots only when needed to spark the offense. If he can do that this team is very dangerous, but since that won't happen expect them to win because Melo scores 40 one night, and AI the next. Atkins was a good signing and J.R. Smith gives them good scoring off the bench.
7.L.A. Lakers-The Lakers still need to give Kobe a supporting cast. With Kobe they can still make the playoffs with Odom and Bynum still improving. Fisher is a major improvement over that Smush guy. Can Walton improve more on the offensive end? And can the Lakers play D.
8.Memphis-Darko was a great move by the Grizz and will be awarded a playoff spot. It won't be on his back, but on Gasol's and Conley Jr. Rudy Gay will continue his strong play and Mike Miller is still a threat. Plus you got Damon Stoudamire on your team, you know your set then!
9.Golden State-They are going to miss J-Rich. Davis will carry this team and win them game after game, until he gets injured like he does every year. Nelson is one of the better coaches and will keep them competitive but I don't see another playoff apperance for the Warriors.
10.Sacramento-The Kings have Martin to score but who else. I am a Bibby fan but unless he improves on last year there ain't much that Sac fans can cheer for. Spencer Hawes should see lots of floor time and was one of the steals of the draft.
11.New Orleans-Paul will lead this team to the playoffs but I don't think it will be this year. With great rebounding in Chandler and a good three ball from Peja who will lead the team in scoring, West will need to be a dominant player to bring them into the playoffs this year. Peterson was one of the better signings this summer and Julian Wright was a solid pick.
12.Portland-I wanted Durant, but noooooo the Blazers selected that old f#$!%/&\ outta Ohio. Look what that got ya. Aside from my bitterness the Blazers will be not bad, beat some teams they shouldn't and lose to the Clippers or something the next night. I can't believe we got Frye for Randolph :) and I really liked the McRoberts pick in the 2nd round. Jack/Blake/Aldridge/Rodriguez/Outlaw/McRoberts/Roy/Webster damn our future looks good. Oh and that old guy too. Now if only we could get rid of Miles!
13.L.A. Clippers-The season was over in L.A. when Brand was done for the year. Good news is they will get another high draft choice to go along with Livingston, Maggatte, Mobley and Kaman which should give them a solid team next year. Brevin Knight is a good passing PG but needs to cut down on his mistakes.
14.Seattle-Durant will win ROY and that will be the bright spot for the Sonics. West is a good player and a fantasy favorite if he is on the court but seems to always play his way to less minutes. Don't see much happening aside from the odd 50 point outburst from the future HOF in Durant.
15.Minnesota-What can I really say....go McCants! And I guess Telfair.


Eastern Confrence Championship

Boston over Chicago

Western Confrence Championship

San Antonio over Dallas


San Antonio over Boston